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Our Services

Cambridge Responsive Web Design & Web Development

Responsive Web Design
and Development

Invite prospects to take an action by giving them everything they need to make an informed decision. If you are not currently doing this, then you are giving the competition another chance to steal your business. A few simple changes to your website can change everything.

Cambridge Photographer, Amazing Photos

Amazing Photos

Having great photos will make a big difference. Can you really blame potential customers for bailing on your website since the competitions photos look more appealing? The solution is easy, get better photos!

Cambridge Video Services

Videos that sell

Educating through video helps customers to understand the compelling reasons why they should buy your products and/or services. Convince prospects that they are at the right place with a video that explains all of the features and benefits.

Cambridge Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management

Have you considered that your website visitors will cross check your reputation on social media? They are looking for positive reviews to satisfy their insecurities. Convince your prospects that you are the best choice by building a positive feedback network.

Cambridge SEM Search Engine Marketing Services | SEO

SEM & SEO Services

Search Engine Marketing delivers quick results. Picking the right SEM strategy will deliver a better return on your investment. What happens when visitors leave your site?
How do you get them back? We have all of the answers to your questions. We also provide SEO services and roadmaps.

Cambridge SEO - Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO campaigns are designed to increase your organic search engine placement. Your positioning on the search engines will drive more prospective buyers to your website and increase your sales.


What our clients are saying

  • "We hired Convex Studio to help us with our website. They were very professional and did a great job. Our customers tell us they love our new website and that's all that matters. We highly recommend their services."
    Jack Branezac - Owner- Stoney Creek Sewing Centre
  • "Convex Studio introduced themselves  to our company in 2011 and developed a plan for marketing. Their hard work, attention to detail and overall enthusiasm made the plan successful. The development of our website was phenomenal in that it became a benchmark in advertising for us. Their innovative marketing works. "
    Anjan Tak - General Manager - Robust Gear Industries
  • "The Convex Studio provides exceptional service! The entire team's support has been an unexpected value in every way. I have a channel of marketing that is truly performing and would not let go! I'd be spending 4x as much if I were to hire a team that understands how to bring results. The entire team is smart and hardworking to meet our goals. If your digital strategy is not performing where you would like it to be this is the company you want handling your business. "
    Jon Jay

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