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Convex Studio Ltd, Cambridge Ontario.

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Convex Studio is the best solution for any business looking to generate more market share, exposure and increase sales revenue. Are you interested in exploring new options for your business?
Now that we have your attention, you're here because you're interested in exploring new options for your business. We design game plans that are extremely simple to understand.
Our strategies work and produce results for each and every client

Smart Investment

You must know by now that hope campaigns don't work. The underlining reason why most businesses fail or lose revenue is because of complacency. Businesses now have to adapt in order to keep up with time, circumstances and technology. Don't let fear of change leave you in the dust.

Our team of experts will develop a plan for your business that will convert more business.

Our services include professional responsive websites design and development, photography, video productions, social media, SEM and SEO. Our other service is Results by Convex Studio for research, strategy and tracking. Get the competitive edge that you need to increase your results.

Our specialties are focused on providing the most creative, up-close and personal experience for your clients and customers. We are experts in business development and online marketing.


What our clients are saying

  • "Stephen expertise has helped our business understand what is needed to succeed online. He revised our online store and online marketing game plan.  We are happy working with him and are."
    ​Kulwant Gill - CEO - SHR Health Foods
  • "Stephen Morgan has given me results for my mind-joy.com life coaching. "
    ​Charlene Hancock - Mind Joy Life Coaching
  • "Stephen has been the anchor behind our website, social media and marketing campaigns since day one.  We value his expertise, and insight greatly."
    Blake Martin - General Manager. CIM Metals INC

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