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On Saturday, April 23, 2005, YouTube’s co-founder uploads the first video to the now second largest search engine in the world. Since then, the use of video online has dramatically increased effective marketing and helped turn website visitors into customers.

Video can help engage, attract and convert clients and business minds alike. In our world, people’s consideration to attention is limited. Video has enabled us to build awareness of simple tasks with simple procedures. This allows us not to be overwhelmed with excessive details such as reading written out text.

Video Helps Your Google Ranking

Google’s front-page results are boosted 53 times with video. It is also said that 1.8 million words are expressed in a minute of video. Ninety percent of material that’s passed on to the brain is visual. Further, video grants the buyer a ninety percent purchasing decision online. A considerable way to hook and hold the visitor's attention is to provide a short, fascinating broadcast video. Interesting video convinces consumers to buy.

Engaging Video Entices Sales

Video allows voice, motion and emotion to the viewers needs.

When it comes to engagement, demonstrate your value, provide in-depth information and keep your clientele up-to-date. Moreover, don’t forget to offer enticement for customers willing to make video testimonials.

Many businesses have been experimenting with online video on their websites and the results have been great. A short 30-second video for your clients can deliver a quick snapshot introduction on your business message including, and not limited to, a series of short product/service profiles. Where up to and including a 90 second video can demonstrate multi-person testimonials, social media, reviews, demonstrations and a detailed overview of your business. Moreover, don’t forget to share your videos on a regular basis to keep customers informed about your latest trends.

Video Works Better With a Clear Strategy 

Convex Studio can help you with a custom video strategy that will help grow your brand online. We offer video production services and editing services.  We have helped our clients drive leads to their business. Our services will take care of  hosting, keywords and audience building. Get Started Today!.





May 24, 2016 Stephen

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