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BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust.

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Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation that helps local businesses network and connect.

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Shop Cambridge

Find us on We have videos and more. Find local businesses.

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Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is an online directory that helps you find businesses in your area.

Visit Website is a business directory. Search for local businesses here.

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Find reviews and local businesses on yelp.

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Profile Canada

Find Canadian Businesses and profiles.

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Safe To Do Business

A Feedback website that helps people review companies and view their online reputation.

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Imgrum is an online portal that pulls instagram photos for businesses.

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Online Instagram posts viewer.

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Online videos and video hosting company.

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What our clients are saying

  • "Stephen Morgan has given me results for my life coaching. "
    ​Charlene Hancock - Mind Joy Life Coaching
  • "Convex Studio has helped us with our website, photos and business development strategy. We are currently satisfied with their service and would recommend them to others. Thank you for all your help "
    John Howcroft - Pro-Spec Inc
  • "The Convex Studio provides exceptional service! The entire team's support has been an unexpected value in every way. I have a channel of marketing that is truly performing and would not let go! I'd be spending 4x as much if I were to hire a team that understands how to bring results. The entire team is smart and hardworking to meet our goals. If your digital strategy is not performing where you would like it to be this is the company you want handling your business. "
    Jon Jay

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