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We're a strategic, full-service advertising agency located in Cambridge, Ontario.

At Convex Studio, our mission is to create the best possible online advertising experiences for our clients. We tap into our company's creativity to help inspire action by formulating a creative process that engages everyone involved. Our partnerships have become our art form through data-driven solutions that rely on collaboration.


How Our Advertising Strategy Works

Our Advertising Strategy

The Right Customer for Your Business

Avoid making assumptions that may lead to missed opportunities. To structure a strategy that gets results, we create an audience, personas, conduct qualitative and quantitative research, and cultivate actionable insights. Hope campaigns are like shooting in the dark. Depend on a solid strategy for expected results.

How to Tell Your Story

You need more than just a logo for your business. Your brand needs to be cohesive. Branding is a language of its own, with logos, colours, typography, and iconography. It's what brings your brand to life. Learn how you can connect with your audience through the correct branding.

Customer Acquisition

Creating creative concepts and campaigns that evoke emotional responses and motivate customers helps you achieve your marketing goals. From creating a brand, rebranding to beautiful content and website design, we deliver unforgettable brand experiences that set your company apart from the competition.

Maximizing Your Results

You can depend on our online advertising experts to deploy your campaign, decode your analytics, and make data-driven optimizations. Our strategy involves finding the right content in the right place at the right time, so your customers see your message. You get the most results at the lowest cost when we track every interaction your audience has with your ads.


An Online Advertising Strategy with In-Depth Consumer Insights

An Online Advertising Strategy with In-Depth Consumer Insights

With our proprietary audience research, you'll better understand the values, motivations, and expectations of your target audience. Learn more about your target audience.

We provide full-service online marketing with a unique structure that ensures a seamless experience. Communication via every medium is possible thanks to this interdisciplinary format. Our goal is to build brands that people love.

Innovative models of traditional experiences and unexpected approaches to social media, community management, and immersive digital experiences are what we specialize in.

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Full-Service Advertising Agency: Our Services

Convex Studio offers professional responsive websites

Responsive Websites Design and Development.

Convex Studio provides innovative website solutions for businesses looking to upgrade their website or create a new one.

Convex Studio offers search engine optimization services

Search Engine Optimization SEO Strategy and Implementation

Convex Studio specializes in both result-driven and ethical search engine optimization services.

Convex Studio offers social media management services

Social Media Services Optimization, Post, and Growth

Convex Studio is a social media management and marketing company. We offer a variety of social media management services

Convex Studio offers search engine marketing services

Search Engine Marketing PPC, Display, Remarketing, Video

PPC services to help our clients acquire new customers fast. We develop a customized strategy for each of our clients.

Marketing videos that engage

Video Production Marketing Videos That Engage

Creating a video that is enticing and entertaining can offer significant benefits for your business.

Amazing images that inspire customers

Product Photography Amazing Images That Inspire Customers

We help companies by taking photos of their products and services for printing, websites and social media.

Why Choose Convex Studio for Advertising Services?

You will always find Convex Studio is up-to-date with the best advertising strategies.

Our team will ensure that you utilize the most strategic advertising campaigns to get ahead of the competition!

Quality Work, Checked

Advertising Experts

Knowing that we are advertising specialists goes beyond just a job title. With years of experience in advertising, we run campaigns every day. Whether it's copy, headlines, or keywords, we have proven data on best practices. Our expertise includes A/B split testing, conversion optimization, and retargeting. Don't waste your time trying to figure this out. because you need to run a business.

Better Value, Checked

Solid Results

New digital channels are constantly emerging on the market. Therefore, you need to choose where to invest your resources wisely. Our advertising agency can help you choose the right digital networks for your business and create the perfect ad copy for your advertising campaigns.

Affordable contracts, Checked


Hiring an agency with no budget is like buying a car without gas. We don't want to charge you a hefty retainer fee. The actual cost of the service is what we want you to pay. Any additional budget can be spent on paid advertising. Help us, help you with this.