Using a Survey to Better Understand Your Customers

Using a Survey to Better Understand Your Customers

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is to figure what drives customers to purchase goods or services from you. Asking your customers to fill out a brief survey is a useful technique to discover the important fact about purchasing decisions. Ask customers to rank factors that you have identified in order of importance, as well as add their own.

Create a survey list with topics such as:

  • How they rate your prices and if they are competitive,
  • How the rate delivery time and conditions of products when received,
  • How they are treated by customer support,
  • What they think of your payment terms and conditions,
  • How they perceive your staff,
  • Payment options

Self-completion questionnaires are the most affordable and the best way to reach customers quickly.

Some possible methods of effective surveys also include:

Online Surveys:

This is an excellent way of reaching an unlimited audience targeted to selected demographics. This process is the most affordable method and results are instant. Offer an exclusive discount or gift to provoke an action from your customer.

Direct Mail Surveys:

This is a good way to reach customers targeted in various geographical locations. This process is affordable and results are regular. Provoking your customers to fill out the survey and mail it back is the most challenging part. To have a successful campaign you should include prepaid postage, have an attractive layout and make it as simple as possible.
Offer an exclusive discount or a gift as a reward for their time in completing the survey.

Customer Panels: 

This encompasses a group of your customers with a strong interest in your organization or products. You should use customer panels as a creative brainstorming session for new ideas and a source of valuable feedback. Ensure that panels retain their objectivity and include them as an integral part of the organization's structure where customers feel more like employees.

Setting a deadline to encourage the return of mailed questionnaires or a bonus for completing the survey online will help to ensure surveys are completed.

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