SEO Fraud Be careful

SEO Fraud Be careful

Are you getting those spam emails from SEO companies from India and other countries who claim to be able to rank you on the first page of Google?

These companies are spamming experts that use robots with proxies to get their emails to your inbox. Their emails are usually from someone with a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo address. They never use their own email addresses because they do not want their company to get flagged or blacklisted. They flood your inbox with subject lines such as “Get on the First Page of Google”.

They are hunting for ignorant people who are willing to trust anyone to get their website boosted on Google. Their goal is to defraud you with a hope campaign. The worst part is you cannot do anything to recover your money once it is gone. Unfortunately,  there is no way to stop the spam unless you use a spam blocker that uses filters to catch words like Google and SEO.

Here are some tips!

  • Never send money to anyone overseas
  • Never reply to the email asking to be removed.
  • Always delete their emails 

Get in Touch with a Local SEO Company

Why these scams work well is because they send out a mass amount of emails targeting anyone who is desperate for results. Their emails are written like they reviewed your website. Everyone gets the same email, and they have never even seen your website.

The truth is that trying to rank for highly competitive keywords is a tough battle, and there’s no guarantee. Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on many factors that require research and strategy.  SEO is not a process that can rank you to the top of Google in 3 days for every keyword.  It is an ongoing process that requires someone with professional expertise to monitor it on a regular basis. Unless you are willing to invest long-term in SEO, there is no sense even trying. If you want immediate results, you should consider Search Engine Marketing SEM.  To get results; it will take months to make this happen. If you stop, it takes seconds to take it down.  It is all about the amount of effort being put out. The more strategic effort put in, the better the results will be. The goal of SEO is to rank you organically for keywords relevant to your business.  If you are just getting into the game, you are going to be facing a challenge against your competitors. You need an expert to help you achieve your online goals.

Making an SEO investment is useless if your website isn't built to convert.

If your website’s landing page does not offer the information that your prospects are looking for, then you will not get conversions. There is no point in generating tons of traffic to your website if it is not designed to convert. If you are not willing to invest in your website, then it does not make sense to invest in Search Engine Optimization SEO.  The one needs the other to work.  It is all about quality content that’s readily available to your customers.  

Convex Studio to the Rescue

Convex Studio is a digital marketing agency in Cambridge, ON that offers SEO services that have helped our clients rank well on search engines, and they get tons of quality leads for local searches. We found a combination of strategies works best. Each business is unique, and everyone’s result will be different.  You need a strategy and game plan.

Please contact us and we would be happy to help you achieve your goals.