Click fraud sucks

On-demand Services: A favorite for digital fraud, says ClickCease

According to Alex Goldfarb from ClickCease, fraudulent clicks on Google Ads will result in a loss of $42 billion in 2019. On-demand services like plumbing, carpentry, pest control, and locksmiths are a favourite target for fraudsters. Their specificity and high CPC make them very vulnerable to fraudulent clicks. 

Through a range of techniques from click bots/farms to dishonest competitors, fraudsters can target and decimate advertisers' budgets.

"On-demand services are one of the most competitive verticals and experience some of the highest levels of click fraud," says Zack Shipman from ClickCease, a click fraud protection company. Advertisers in these industries can lose up to 30% of their monthly budget to fraudulent clicks.  

How Fake Clicks Happen 

Click fraud is when someone who is not interested in your product or service clicks on your paid ad with no intention of purchasing. These clicks can come from a multitude of sources, such as click bots/farms, dishonest competitors and disgruntled employees. With Google not doing enough to protect its clients from this issue many advertisers have looked for their solution. The best strategy to combat this is to employ anti-click fraud software to monitor detect and block fraudulent traffic. 

About ClickCease 

Founded over 6 years ago. ClickCease has been the industry leader in protecting your Google Ads from fraudulent clicks.

With its advanced algorithm that incorporates machine learning and traffic monitoring, ClickCease can identify fraudsters and stop them from continuing to commit fraudulent activity. Their free trial is a great way to diagnose the level of fraud that you are facing and to see if you need to employ an anti-click fraud service.

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