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Six Reasons Why Online Marketing Doesn't Work in 2021

Have you ever had your online marketing campaign fail? Many of us are tired of wasting money on marketing campaigns that provide us with no results. We decided to investigate why online marketing fails for some people. We came up with six reasons why online marketing doesn’t work in 2021. 

Hope Campaigns

A hope campaign is when you hope for results without having a plan or strategy. This is the fastest way to fail and waste your money. To be successful, you need a strategy and action plan. Take the time to do some research on your audience and figure out where they are. Try to understand what motivates them to buy. Look at your content from the point of the prospect. Think of all the reasons why they should purchase your products and services. Then revise your content or ad copy to make it more compelling. If something isn’t working, start over with a new strategy.

Lack of Time

The internet is very competitive and requires lots of time to be successful. Many businesses refuse to put in the proper amount of time that’s needed to build their online presence. It can take months and even years to see organic results on Google search. To be successful, you need to allocate enough time to do the tasks that are required to get the results you want. That includes updating your website and content, fixing on-page SEO, making your website load faster, making better landing pages, writing blogs, posting on social media, building citations, backlinking, guest posting, building authority links, answering questions, finding solutions, checking your analytics, and tracking. How much time do all those tasks take? Consider what the actual cost of your time is to do the work. Consider outsourcing the work to a website design & development agency.

Lack of Budget

Not allocating a reasonable budget for your online marketing will cause you to fail. For example, if you are using Google Ads and your budget is 300 dollars a month, that translates to 10 a day. Depending on the bid and desired positioning, that budget is good for only be a few clicks. Then you disappear, once the budget is depleted. If your first couple of clicks come in the early morning, then your ads are not going to show up for the rest of the day. Not using negative keywords and using broad-based keywords are another way to deplete your budget with wasted clicks. When it comes to other online marketing such as your website, social media and guest blogging, consider all the work that is required to get the job done. Have you allocated enough money to get the tasks done? How much is your time worth?

Not Enough Content

Another reason why online marketing fails for some people is that don’t have enough content on their website to motive prospects to act. Website visitors are looking for photos, videos, and great write-ups. They have buyer insecurity and need to be convinced that they are at the right place to make a purchase. Lack of content could come across as sketchy and could cause the prospect to get discouraged, especially when the competitor has more detailed information with videos, and vibrant photos. Consider your flow to make the purchase or to make contact with you. Take a look at your landing pages and make sure there is plenty of information and calls to action. Lack of content also increases your bounce rate. 

Hiring the Wrong People

When you hire the wrong person or company to do your online marketing, you can expect to fail. Anybody looking for a deal on SEO services can be easily scammed. Almost everyone gets those random spam emails from people overseas that say your website and your SEO sucks. They offer you their service for a low price. Unfortunately, many of these people use automation tools to spam out backlinks, which can get you blacklisted in the future. Once you have been blacklisted, you have got an uphill battle to undo the damage. Work with someone local that has a history of helping local businesses. This is the best way to avoid getting scammed.

Do it Yourself

Most small businesses want to do everything themselves including building their website, blogs, social media, and advertising. Many times, these businesses fail at online marketing because they don’t have enough experience. These tasks take time, effort, and money to make them work properly. Online Marketing requires a skill set that most people don’t have. If you have the budget, it’s recommended to get a local online marketing professional to help you with your online marketing. When you hire the right company, they will take care of all the details so you can focus on closing sales.  

If you want to be successful at online marketing and get results, you will need to be committed. It all starts with the right budget and expectations. If you plan on doing the work yourself, make sure that you allocate enough time and resources to do the job. Set up a schedule and goals. Stick to the game plan and watch. Tweak the strategy when things aren’t working. Also, give it enough time to run to see the full results of your work.

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