Best SEO WordPress Strategies for Small Business [2022]

Best SEO WordPress Strategies for Small Business

SEO is crucial for your small business's online success, website visitors, increased revenue and good return on investment. If you own a WordPress website for your small business, keep reading this article to learn the best SEO tips. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform which means little improvements can yield better SEO results. Designing a winning SEO campaign requires knowledge of effective SEO tactics and implementation methods. You can take the services of a WordPress SEO expert or perform the techniques listed below to improve your SEO ranking. 

Employ an SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO plugins can improve your website's ranking and visibility. Add them to your WordPress website, set them up to make your content and URLs more accessible, and watch as your website's traffic and SEO rankings rise in a short time. SEO plugins help you identify and improve technical and on-page SEO suggestions. Yoast SEO is a compelling SEO plugin even its free version optimizes your site content and improves overall visibility. Rank Math is another WordPress SEO plugin that helps you observe changes on your page impacting your SEO positively.  

URL Optimization

SEO-friendly URLs have an effect on your website's ranking in search engines. SEO-friendly URLs make it simpler for users to navigate your website. For URLs to be SEO-friendly, a suitable permalink structure is essential. When optimizing your website's pages for search queries and keyword phrases - include URL optimization. A recommended best practice for on-page SEO is to add your main keyword to the URL. It is simple for a search engine to comprehend the subject matter of your content when it crawls your website.  

Enable HTTPS

Enable HTTPS to secure your website. To prevent data theft by hackers, HTTPS encrypts connections using the SSL/TLS protocol. SSL/TLS prevents impersonations by confirming that a website server is who it claims to be. An SSL certificate on your website shows your viewers that your site is secure and impacts your website ranking positively. Free and premium SSL certificates are available. Use a plugin along with an SSL certificate to ensure that your content is from a secure protocol.  

Create Good Content

Content is the king when it comes to SEO. High-quality and optimized content can boost your SEO. Creating quality content for SEO optimization for small businesses depends on effective keyword research. To effectively engage your audience, employ your thorough understanding of the subject you are writing about and conduct some keyword research. On your website, avoid posting duplicate content. Duplicate content refers to concepts or subjects that have been developed or addressed on your website before, which decreases your SEO ranking. You can follow Google's search quality guidelines to create and publish SEO-optimized content. Your content should be authentic and relevant to the subject to attract users and show search engine's that your website is trustworthy.  

Craft Optimized Meta Descriptions

A meta description provides viewers with the crux of your post - it should be engaging and relevant to keep visitors' interest in your post/page. Also, the search engines analyze your website content from these meta descriptions. The length of a meta description should not exceed 275 characters. Google typically trims snippets between 155 and 160 characters. Write a concise yet sufficiently descriptive meta description to improve your search engine ranking. You can increase your SEO ranking by attracting more visitors to your content with a compelling meta description. To get the best SEO results, you should include your keyword in the content and the meta description. 

Optimize Your Website

SEO goals cannot be achieved without site optimization. Several factors such as website speed, navigation, interface and user experience define the overall ranking of your website. The first recommendation is to acquire the services of a hosting provider that is optimized for your WordPress website. InMotion Hosting's Ultrastack is an example of WordPress-optimized hosting since it employs NGINX to intelligently cache commonly used resources to conserve memory. You can also contact an expert, like Convex Studio, to learn more about the ideal website hosting provider for your site. For website optimization, along with content optimization, you should work on image optimization, meta tags and alt tags optimization. 

Watch Out for Your Website Analytics

Evaluation of current SEO strategy performance lies at the core of SEO optimization. Therefore, you need to keep track of your website's performance across different search engines. Google provides Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track and analyze your website's performance. These analytics provide you with specific data on how site visitors engage with the content on your site. Bing's Webmaster Tools and third-party tools like Semrush are further resources. You may examine your keyword density and site speed by using these tools.  


We hope you will benefit from the above-mentioned strategies as they will improve the search engine ranking of your WordPress site. SEO optimization requires technical skills and can be challenging at times. Especially if you are running a new business website, you might not find enough time to look after your SEO. In this case, you should acquire the services of an SEO expert. 

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