Best Small Business Link Building Strategies 2022

Best Small Business Link Building Strategies 2022

A big flashy sign leading people to your business - that is what a hyperlink or backlink can do for you (increase website traffic). Effective link-building strategies can benefit your small business in several ways. These will improve your search engine ranking, bring you more traffic and improve conversion rates. Link building will prove the most effective and practical strategy to beat the increasing competition in your business niche. Getting authentic links to your website will save you from extra marketing expenditures while giving better results.  

Today, the majority of businesses are digital due to increased consumer demand for online shopping. Local customers will likely conduct a Google search for your services rather than visiting your store in person. As a small business, it is good for you to actively invest in link building because of its definite benefits. In this article, we will discuss the challenges small businesses face in building backlinks and the helpful techniques to acquire better links and increase your domain authority.  

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

Link building is challenging, but it can be even more difficult for a small business. It might be because you cannot afford an internal SEO team. Additionally, you lack the internal resources to produce enormous amounts of content that can attract links. When you are a small growing business, it is harder for you to get links than for a bigger, renowned brand.  

Overwhelming Competition

As a small local business owner, you might feel the pressure of overwhelming market competition in your niche. No need to quit or fear, even if your competitor is a renowned brand. You need to work on getting authentic backlinks to your website. It will help you stand out and increase your online visibility.  

Spammy Links

Do not get into thinking that all backlinks to your website are beneficial. It is hard to differentiate between useful and spammy links when you are not an SEO expert. Small businesses often struggle with removing unrelated and spammy links; however, you can acquire the services of a professional like Convex Studio, Hamilton. They will help you build authentic links to your site while staying safe from harmful links.  

Follow These Tactics to Generate Quality Backlinks 

Build Strong Networks

To get good links, you need to build a local network. You can connect with bloggers or other influencers in your area to promote your business. Bloggers often need ideas and content for their blog or website. You can collaborate with them and ask them to link your business website to a relevant article. This will give your business the desired audience exposure. An effective strategy would be to speak with your local sources and establish connections with blogs and websites relevant to your location and business market. For instance, if you are a florist, you could request to be listed in their blog post compilation of local gift shops. Pay attention to their writing and consider any areas where it could be appropriate for them to incorporate you.  

Acquire and Give Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials establish enormous trust between your business and customers. One form of establishing good links is to engage with other local business owners and ask them to mention your services. One option is to connect with a charitable organization and help them in their drive or donate money. This will get you a good referral from that organization. You can ask happy customers to leave good reviews on your site. If your customer by any chance owns a small local business, you can request them a good mention of your company on their site. Furthermore, you can collaborate with another business company by giving them a positive review on Google or other platforms. This will establish goodwill between you two and also increase your own profile visibility to their customers.  

Generate Geo-Targeted Content

By now, you understand the significance of location-based strategies for driving traffic to your local small business. As mentioned earlier, having a local network is significant for getting quality backlinks. Similarly, local-targeted content can attract local visitors to the community to your website. Geo-targeted content makes people feel connected to your posts and more likely to share them. You can reshare your published content with fresh small introductions on other platforms across the internet. Other than posting on the website, publish your blogs or other posts on wider channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and others. On these channels, the keyword network is broad, and a more local audience is likely to see your posts. This brings us to our next point.  

Post Your Content on Multiple Forums

Running a small business can be stressful. You are constantly looking for affordable and helpful ways to promote your small business. The first step is to create informative and engaging content and share it on forums where users search for their questions. Additionally, you may post links to your work to online forums and social sharing websites like Quora and Slideshare. Keep an eye on the discussions that are pertinent to your company. Before directing users to a piece of content on your website for more information, demonstrate your business knowledge and offer genuine value in your response. If you do this frequently enough, you will establish yourself as an authority in the field.  


Small businesses can benefit from link building. If done correctly, it will even prove really helpful. Just be selective about where you focus your efforts. You will start to notice results if you focus your attention on strategies that are effective. The key to building links is taking the initiative and adopting a positive approach. Long-term SEO success can be achieved by using natural link-building strategies.

Convex Studio is a digital marketing agency in Hamilton, that offers professional backlink building services that increase your site's domain authority and improve your search engine ranking. 

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