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Best Tips for Article Writing and Google News

It's a website owner's dream to get the attention of an unlimited audience towards his business. The question is how to achieve it? Great content helps attract audiences. But to increase audiences more, Google News SEO is a huge opportunity. If you publish your articles on Google News, it will be a game-changer. Blogging and article writing is the heart and soul of an effective SEO strategy, for it attracts traffic and keep your website fresh and updated. To get your content published on Google News, content creators need to optimize the content through Google News SEO. Google News helps your website and articles become approved news sources. Informative content and search engine optimization (SEO) can make your content an approved news source.   

Why do You Want to Get Your Article into Google News?

The top benefit of including your article in Google News is, reach a new audience and avid news readers to your website. Google news keeps readers up to date on all current events and allows them to subscribe to specific news providers. Google News benefits publishers with 100,000 business opportunities every minute. Being a Google News-approved website can draw links to your website, increase brand value, and enables authority status to your website.  

How Google News Works?

Google News provides a platform for users to engage with and learn about your business. Google News gathers news from different sources and presents it to the users. The algorithms in Google News pick news stories based on location, credibility, reputation, recentness, and usefulness of the news content. Google News provides renowned monetization and branding opportunities like advertising and subscription sales. Through Subscribe with Google, you get streamlined subscription sales opportunities. You can gain Google News approval by submitting RSS feeds, website URLs and videos. 

Six Best Tips for Writing an Article

Information floats on the internet. It is hard to write articles engaging enough to hook the reader till the end. And most importantly, do you know how to write SEO-friendly articles? Follow these tips to write excellent articles; that improve your website's domain authority.  

  1. Write a compelling title: Take some time to think of a catchy title, for it is the first thing your reader reads. Tell your readers what solutions you are going to provide for their problems. Titles should not be too wordy six-thirteen words titles attract the most traffic. 
  2. Have a Strong Hook: No one reads something that does not attract them. No matter how good your article is if it fails to grab attention with the starting sentences. The reader will not read the rest of the article.  
  3. Write Concisely: No one likes excessive irrelevant information. People spend time reading when it is worth their time. Write concise and short sentences and paragraphs - so it remains reader-friendly. 
  4. Proofread: A good article does not contain spelling and grammar errors. Mistakes make readers question the authenticity of your content. Use tools to edit and proofread or hire an expert to check it for you. 
  5. Add Visuals: visuals (images, videos) make a huge difference. Add royalty-free images, infographics and embed videos in the text - this will engage readers to a new level.  
  6. Add Keywords and SEO in the Article: Appropriate keywords can do wonders for your article. They improve the search engine ranking of your content. Add keywords such that they appear relevant to the information next to them. 

Get your Articles Submitted and Indexed

How to publish your articles in Google News? Google provides the answer to this question of many writers. You can use Publisher Center to post your content with Google News by submitting website URLs, RSS feeds. Google Publisher Center provides the platform to distribute, manage and monetize your content across Google. Secondly, even if you do not set up a publication in Publisher Center, Google can find your site through a regular web crawl. If you want to get noticed by Google Publisher, produce original and informative content. Google checks content for authentically named entities - which usually stand for a person or organization. If your articles contain a named entity, Google considers them a credible news source and is likely to publish them automatically. 

If you succeed in publishing high-quality and engaging articles to Google News, you will notice a massive traffic increase to your site. One tip for getting featured on Google news is that you need to stay ahead of time, publish recent, fresh and emerging content. Avoid redundancy and duplication in your articles. It will help you write the best articles and get published on Google.  

Outsource Article Writing to Convex Studio

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