Boosted Posts vs. Ads Manager: Optimal Instagram Ad Strategies

Boosted Posts vs. Ads Manager: Optimal Instagram Ad Strategies

In digital marketing, particularly on platforms like Instagram, brands often decide between utilizing boosted posts and leveraging Meta Ads Manager for their advertising efforts. Both strategies offer unique advantages and serve different purposes within a broader Social Media Marketing strategy. Convex Studio understands the importance of making informed decisions that align with your marketing goals. This article will explain the differences between boosted posts and ads created through Meta Ads Manager so you can determine which approach is best for your Instagram advertising campaigns.

Understanding Boosted Posts

Boosted posts on Instagram are the regular feed posts that you can pay to promote to a broader audience beyond your followers. This method is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing businesses to quickly enhance the visibility of their content with just a few clicks. However, while boosting a post may increase your reach, it has limitations, mainly targeting, customization, and tracking capabilities.

The Power of Meta Ads Manager

On the other hand, Meta Ads Manager lets you create and manage your ads on Instagram (and Facebook). This platform allows for more detailed targeting, including defining audiences based on specific behaviours, interests, and demographics. Ads Manager also provides extensive options for ad customization, placement across Meta's family of apps, and detailed analytics for tracking campaigns. Meta Ads Manager is the superior choice for businesses looking to achieve specific objectives such as lead generation, website conversions, or precise audience targeting.

Critical Differences Between Boosted Posts and Meta Ads

The primary differences between boosted posts and Meta Ads Manager lie in their complexity, customization options, and potential for achieving strategic marketing goals. Boosted posts are more straightforward to execute and may be suitable for essential brand awareness campaigns. However, they need more depth of targeting and optimization features available in Meta Ads Manager.

Meta Ads Manager tailors campaigns to specific objectives, audiences, and creative preferences. This platform enables advertisers to create custom audiences based on website traffic or social media engagement, use lookalike audiences to find new customers similar to their best existing ones, and meticulously track the success of their campaigns through advanced analytics.

When to Use Boosted Posts vs. Meta Ads Manager

Boosted posts are best utilized for quickly amplifying the reach of content already performing well organically, especially when the primary goal is to increase visibility or engagement among a broader audience. This approach can effectively promote time-sensitive offers or events where detailed targeting is less critical.

Meta Ads Manager should be your go-to option for more complex, goal-oriented campaigns where precision targeting and in-depth analytics are necessary to drive specific actions, such as website purchases or webinar sign-ups. This tool is indispensable for Social Media Marketing professionals and businesses that require complete control over their advertising efforts to maximize ROI.


Deciding between boosted posts and Meta Ads Manager for your Instagram advertising ultimately depends on your marketing objectives, budget, and desired level of control over your campaigns. Boosted posts may suffice for those seeking simplicity and a quick way to increase post visibility. However, Meta Ads Manager offers the advanced features and flexibility needed to succeed in more strategic campaigns to drive conversions and achieve specific business outcomes.

At Convex Studio, we craft tailored Social Media Marketing strategies that leverage the right tools to meet our clients' goals. Whether you're looking to boost a post for quick visibility or embark on a comprehensive advertising campaign using Meta Ads Manager, our expertise can guide you toward making the most effective choice for your business.