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Consider Making Your Website AODA Compliant in 2022

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) aims to develop an inclusive and accessible business environment for all Ontarians. In Ontario, one out of every seven people has a disability. People with disabilities face problems in accessing information. The internet and other information sources should be in everyone's reach - the AODA act intends to fulfil that. 

AODA Compliance for Your Website in 2022

Some businesses can receive fines when their website is unreachable for people with disabilities who are unable to purchase your products/services. AODA compliance is easily appliable, and its benefits outweigh the investment cost.  

Can an Accessible Website Benefit Your Brand?

Enhanced accessibility of the website and other e-tools of your business can help it prosper immensely. The remarkable aspect of AODA compliance or increased accessibility is that it benefits people with diminished abilities and mobile phone users. The economic gains of creating an accessible website include an increased customer base, improved customer service, strengthened reputation and customer's trust in your company.   

What is AODA?

A law devised to ensure equal accessibility of services, accommodations, employment, and other goods for all - is called the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Ontario province set this roadmap to provide internet and information access to every resident of its cities, including Cambridge, by 2025. Public, private, non-profit employers need to fulfil AODA requirements in their services: communication, public space designs, and information facilities. The goal is to develop websites and communication tools with content accessible to each user, despite their cognitive or physical abilities.  

How do You know if AODA Applies to Your Business?

To determine the applicability of AODA: there are set rules from the authorities, such as a business organization with 50 plus employees should comply with AODA. Non-compliance results in a fine of $50,000 for officers and directors per day - a fine per day for corporations can be $100,000. Provision of accessible information is obligatory for the following services: feedback processes, emergency helplines, and public safety information services. You can start with making small portions of your website/e-business accessible and then move on to complete transformation. For better results, you should ask the users with disabilities for their reviews and suggestions on required improvements.   

What Should be Added to the Website?

Making a website AODA compliant is not as difficult as it sounds at first. The four basic steps for accessible and friendly online communication are: uploading perceivable, operable, robust and understandable content. Content of your e-business should be compatible with all browsers and gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops. To increase the accessibility of your webpage, you should use a readable font style, helpful alt tags, subtitles, screen reader, adaptive keyboards, and speech recognition features.  

Convex Studio for Best Results

Most business websites are not accessible enough for an easy user experience, this calls for experts' input to enhance accessibility. Convex Studio is a digital marketing agency in Cambridge Ontario that can redesign your website to make it accessible and understandable for users with disabilities. To have the best results available for your website hire us for AODA compliance services

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