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Five Reasons to Use Professional Photos in Your Digital Marketing

Google reports that businesses with a photo-driven digital marketing campaign received 42% increased customers at their location and a 35% enhanced website traffic.

These stats emphasize that you must include professional photography and pictorial representation in your digital marketing strategy. A marketing strategy lacking photographs in 2022 is likely to fall much behind in the search engine rankings. Humans are visual beings’ illustrations and visual depictions influence us greatly. Around 75% to 90% of ad conversions are a result of images and pictorial descriptions. This informative blog from Convex Studio explains why adding professional photos in digital marketing campaigns is crucial; keep on reading to improve your next marketing strategy.

Why You Should Use Professional Photos in Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022

1.   To Get a Professional Outlook and feel for Your Website

The success of a digital marketing strategy relies on its relevance with the up-to-date digital marketing trends. Google My Business and Facebook marketing indicate that Images are now greatly helping businesses in attracting customers. The success of your business in digital media is waiting for you to choose a professional photographer and social media expert for your business. Do not wait any longer; boost your sales through good-looking displays. 

2.   Relevant Photos, Alt tags and Schema Snippets to Rank Higher in Searches

Are you familiar with alt tags and schema snippets? Alt tags are accurate descriptions of your product pictures. These tags guide crawlers and humans to your website given the fact that tags do not contradict the photographs. To rank higher google suggests keywords usage and professional pictorial representation of your products to attract visitors and buyers. We understand you are competent in your business - however, worried about website management in the fast-paced internet era. Fret not, the finest SEO assistance is available at our Digital Marketing Agency.

Professional Product Photos

3.  Post Professional Photos on Google My Business to Attract Audience

Images pose a massive influence and make your business look good online. Visual content is processed 60k times faster than simple text. Snapshots boost engagement, visits, and click-through rates. Posts containing photographs likely to be shared twice more compared to those without photos. Google suggests businesses upload pictures of the exterior, interior, specialized products, and services to gain attention. Do not miss out on increasing traffic through photos; hire a professional for best results. 

4.   Professional Photos on Social Media Help Your Products and Services Stand Out

Social media forums like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others have proved to be massive marketing sites. Social media users spend 3 hours per day - and 54% of social media users research products on these platforms. One reason behind this is that social media marketing involves photos and videos. Viewers and customers trust brands that are more open and show their products professionally. Ideas for accurate photos and illustrations can be acquired from professional photography and social media specialists.

5.   Professional Photos in Google Digital Display and Remarketing Ads Enhance Responsiveness

Google display helps you target the right customers at the right time and place. Google display provides a pictorial display option; professional photos along with catchy captions enhance responsiveness. The fundamental idea of remarketing is to recapture and preserve the interest of individuals who visited your web page but did not buy. Professional photos with call-to-action link greatly aid in remarketing. Images have good potential to increase the desirability of your products (through geotargeting, contrasting colour schemes and other techniques). 


Choose Convex Studio for Best Outcome

Photos with precise descriptions will stand out on the Google Ad network and websites. People are inclined to choose you based on the professional illustrations.

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