Five tips to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Efforts During Covid-19

Five tips to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Efforts During Covid-19

Coronavirus pandemic has created a challenging environment for online marketers. Businesses faced the closing of stores due to viral spread. While shopping in stores was reduced, many people resorted to online shopping. This created immense opportunities and challenges at the same time for marketers.  

COVID outbreak resulted in changes in customer habits and product marketing. Customer behaviours have shifted to adjust to the new normal in their social interactions, work and transactions. For instance, people who favour buying after trying no longer have the option. Your website and social media channels are the only media for your customers to see and trust your products. Thus, marketing during COVID-19 leans on customer relationships and online brand building.  

Here we help you achieve lots by optimizing your digital marketing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Implement the following beneficial tips and optimize your digital marketing to retain market share and gain much more despite the impediments caused by the pandemic.  

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Optimize Your Website

The website is the online store for your brand. Invest in your website to emerge successfully out of these difficult times. You need website optimization because consumers are now shifting towards online shopping more than ever.  

Today, they purchase many things online that they previously preferred to buy in person. Therefore, you are recommended to enhance the findability and accessibility of products on your website. Also, ensure the products resonate with customers' needs and preferences.  

Improve your brand narrative to attract traffic to your website. You can manage your brand image by building a brand narrative on various marketing channels. Improve your website by adding new pages, blog posts, articles and content to address customers' needs. Add FAQ pages and blogs that solve issues for your customers.  

Work on SEO

You should do search engine optimization to boost your business during COVID-19. In SEO, conduct a technical audit of the website and fix errors. Add trending keywords and backlinks from quality websites to improve your search engine rankings.  

Regarding keyword research, it should not be limited to only trending keywords. Marketers and SEO experts need to consider terminologies and keywords customers are likely to search in the next few years due to the changes brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. For example, search terms like"virtual home tours in 2022" might not be a trending keyword today. But in the coming 7-9 months, searches for it likely increase.  

Accurate and relevant keywords help you build expertise in your domain. Earn backlinks from authentic and high-authority websites to improve your domain authority. Add positive customer reviews to your site to establish trustworthiness.  

Do More Digital Marketing

In the challenging situation induced by COVID-19, digital marketing was getting neglected by people. But eventually, business owners learned they needed to maintain top-notch communication with their customers to keep their business running.  

To guarantee your success despite the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, you need to pull yourself out of the dependency on word of mouth referrals and foot traffic. Promote your business through Google Ads to find more customers. Create ads optimized for platforms like Google, TV, social media, and news. Ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are a great strategy to enhance audience outreach.  

Digital marketing assists you in reaching out to the right customers at the right time. Doing more digital marketing is crucial amid the pandemic situation, for it is the communication medium between your business and your customers. Use marketing and provide solutions to the problems of your prospective and current clients.  

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Use Social Media to Grow

COVID-19 pandemic stumped many businesses; uncertainty and chaos threatened the existence of several companies. Those who were quick to adapt survived the crisis efficiently. Social media became the lifeline of their new digital marketing campaign. Social media provides real-time dialogue and engagement with consumers.  

Use social media to connect with new and old customers. Find new customers in the community through social media platforms. On your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts follow back your customers and comment on their posts. Send them a direct message and start a conversation.  

Take this time to increase your social media activities to support and entertain customers while they are stuck at home. Show care for your customers by keeping in touch on social media pages. Add delivery and online shopping services to your social media pages. Inculcate helpful tips for your customers and tell them you stand with them during these difficult times.  

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Try Email Marketing

Communication with customers provides your business with loyal and permanent customers. COVID outbreak changed communication methods by reducing face-to-face contact. Try adding email marketing to your digital marketing campaign in 2022. Email marketing is the king of digital communications. It will solve the communication issues induced by COVID-19. 

Your customer base probably has not heard from you in a while. Send them an email with your current offers and special sales. Also, email marketing is a direct communication method that influences customers' purchase decisions. Therefore, you can use email marketing to earn more sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shopping is shifting to online channels. Inform your customers about sale offers and products through emails. COVID-19 created an opportunity for business owners as digital marketing costs less, and now customers are also eager to connect with their favourite businesses.  


Use these five tips to develop your digital strategy in 2022. Hopefully, these will help your business stand out despite the pandemic crisis. Your online success depends on your ability to optimize digital marketing efforts during COVID-19. Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing channels through audits; add recent and upgraded tools to your campaigns.  

Digital marketing efforts increase engagement for both small and large businesses. If you are a small business owner, during COVID-19, you have a chance to connect with customers stuck at home. Use Facebook and Google ads to promote your products. Communicate with customers by engaging with them in the comment section of social media posts. In short, optimizing your digital marketing campaign can yield you highly beneficial results.  

Website optimizations, effective SEO, and Social media management can be tiresome tasks. Let Convex Studio, a digital marketing agency in Cambridge, help you optimize your online marketing efforts so that your business flourishes during the pandemic.