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Google Ads Versus Facebook Ads

Businesses design advertising campaigns to increase sales and brand awareness. The medium to select for transmission depends on the goal you want to achieve. Advertising helps in spreading the word about product launches, sales, and special offers to internet users. Showcasing your best products and services via advertising enhances your customer base and brand name. Here is a comparison of Google ads versus Facebook ads - to help your business choose the ideal marketing strategy for the next campaign. 

The question is to find out if your product/service is already in demand or there is a need to create it; Because the main difference between Facebook and Google Ads is search intent.  

Directive Vs. Creative Advertising

Directive advertising involves a buyer trying to find the seller. Google ads, directories, printed yellow pages are examples of directive advertising. The potential furniture buyers, when coming across printed Yellow pages or Google ads, do the following. They go to the furniture section, look for a dealer or online web, then visit their retail location. Whereas; in creative advertising, the seller seeks the buyer. In this case, the brand name does not exist already, or the demand is not well established. The most common creative advertising media are Facebook ads, radio, and billboards. The goal of this approach is to build the brand name and capture immediate customers. Therefore, creative advertising is known as the ultimate brand-building tool.  

Google ads

Benefits of Google Ads

Google ads allow you to show your products to the right people at the right time. Google ads increase conversion rates by attracting willing buyers. In Google ads, it might cost you a bit more per click but, the ad is specific and relevant to the search question in the heads of potential buyers. Google has a pull marketing strategy; the more the ad is closer to the search intent, the better will be the outcome for the advertiser. Advertisers are prohibited from advertising for loosely related or irrelevant terms -as it can harm their sales.  


Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook comprises a large user base with over 2.9 billion users. Facebook ads enhance access to interested consumers - thus spreading the brand name. Social media users are constantly growing which makes these platforms highly efficient advertisement sources. Facebook ads enable you to show your ads to people who were - and who were not looking for your product. In this manner, Facebook increases brand awareness. Facebook has unique strength, which is its powerful targeting options. It can help target users based on their age, interests, gender and more. Facebook provides a lot of control over whom to show the ads.  

Using both Facebook and Google Ads

Get More Visibility Using Both Google and Facebook Ads

Combined, these two can yield outclass results. Utilizing Google's search and Facebook's brand awareness, the businesses can run an ideal ad campaign. Advertisers can use both these platforms in combination to target users at every step of the campaign. However, to make the final choice between these two - keep the broader objective of your business in mind. Facebook is a great platform as it offers low cost per click prices and retargeting abilities. Also, when the number of product searches becomes limited on Google, it is beneficial to advertise through Facebook ads. It allows you to reach more people and access another audience.  


Facebook and Google can be highly effective; you need to decide which one suits your campaign more. It is an ideal situation to combine the two for the best results. Creative advertising in conjunction with directive advertising can ensure increased sales and brand value.  

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