How Small Businesses Can Use Voice Search for SEO

How Small Businesses Can Use Voice Search for SEO

Are you looking for ways to make your business successful? Reaching out to customers can be challenging if you do not know the best ways. One of the topics of hot debate these days is voice search. What is voice search, and how can you utilize it for your business? More than 32% of people aged between 18-64 rely on voice search to explore things online. Hence, voice search optimization of your business website must be part of your SEO strategy.  

How does Voice Search Work?

Voice search can transform your voice signal into text through ARS (Automatic Speech Recognition system). So, people just use their smart devices and voice signals to search for the desired item. Using voice search is simple, but understanding the entire working voice search process can be a little complicated. However, you need to develop a better understanding of voice search to include it in your business development strategy. You can consult a professional SEO agency like Convex Studio and take their help to use voice search for SEO optimization. 

Why Is Voice Search Better than the Traditional Search? 

It is one of the easiest ways to get results. Even kids can use their voice search to interact with the internet. Traditional search requires you to type long texts and use keyboards. Customers prefer voice search because it is not time-consuming. Finding the best search engine optimization practice for your site can be challenging. When preparing content for your website, use standard SEO practices. For example, optimize the title tags, add long-tail keywords, and use schema markup to aim for rich results. 

Use the Best SEO Practices 

Customers want instant results when they want to find something on the internet. Any piece of information that your potential customer can utilize, keep it on the top. Try not to bury the relevant information under a pile of fluff. Make a list of all the queries your website will address, and focus on every question while creating the content. If your website makes the audience wander around and scroll a lot, you might lose perspective customers.  

Get Your Content to Every Search 

Expand the reach of your content and index it in every place that can attract a good number of customers. The platforms that can help you do this are Google Maps, Apple Maps, and, most importantly, Google Search. Customers usually have a local intent, so you should also add your content to a local business listing. Incorporate your business name, description, phone number, address, opening and closing time, primary attributes, website link, and positive reviews in your local business profile. 

You should also work on your Google Business Profile. Add up-to-date and accurate information regarding your business. You will find a significant number of customers on this platform.  

Research the Latest Keywords 

Keep your target audience and their queries in mind, and refine the website content. Constant revisions of the content can get you maximum results. If you are out of ideas to improve your content, use Google Search. Using seed keywords can help Google expand the list of ideas. Your primary focus must be the content of your web page. Make it as helpful and relevant as you can for your readers. 

Answer the Frequently Asked Questions   

Use the list of common customer questions and create an FAQ page. Having an FAQ page on the website is a good idea for your business website. Customers can find their queries quite easily through an FAQ page. Getting the commonly asked questions from customer service representatives can help you carry out this task efficiently. 

FAQ Schema Markup increases the probability of emerging in the featured clips on Google Search. So, the right users will likely visit your site more often than you think.  

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website   

More than 25% of people around the globe use mobile for voice search. So, try not to compromise the customer experience by creating a website that is not mobile-compatible. All you need to do is to ensure that you are building mobile responsive pages. Try to keep the content simple and readable on a smartphone. Also, to improve user experience, including images and content optimized for a cell phone. It will decrease the page speed load time.  


If you want your website to stand out, keep its design simple. Having complicated or confusing content will not help you. The significance of voice search optimization is growing, so ensure your content is responsive to a voice search. Convex Studio provides the best quality SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses. Contact us today to benefit from the unique features of voice search to rank higher on search engines.

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