How To Grow Your X Twitter Account in 2024

How To Grow Your X Twitter Account in 2024

Today's social media landscape is dynamic, so keeping abreast of the latest trends and strategies is crucial for success, particularly on platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter). As we enter 2024, understanding how to grow your X Twitter account effectively can be a game-changer, especially for creative entrepreneurs and those embarking on their first side hustles. This article, brought to you by Convex Studio, will delve into key strategies to enhance your X Twitter growth, incorporating insights from a recent interactive session with our audience.

A Comprehensive Guide by Convex Studio

Understanding Platform Dynamics

The first step to growing your X Twitter account is to comprehend the evolving dynamics of the platform. With the rebranding from Twitter to X, avoiding using terms associated with the old brand, such as Twitter, tweets, or retweets, in your content is vital. The platform's algorithms tend to deprioritize posts featuring these outdated terms or those mentioning competitor brands like Meta, Instagram, and YouTube. To maximize your content's reach, align with X's current branding and avoid references to these competitors.

Content Authenticity and Creativity

In an era where AI-generated content is ubiquitous, standing out requires a unique touch. If your content is generic or easily replicable by AI tools like ChatGPT, it may need more depth and creativity. The real value lies in storytelling, offering unique perspectives, and delving deep into your expertise. These elements will differentiate you from AI-generated content and establish you as a creator worth following.

Hashtag Relevance and Strategy

A common misconception is the relevance of hashtags in today's social media landscape. The truth is that hashtags have lost their former glory. They often deter engagement and are rarely used in searches. Our advice? Avoiding hashtags is better unless you're part of a specific group that utilizes hashtags. Focus instead on creating compelling content that speaks for itself.

Storytelling and Engagement

Engagement remains a cornerstone of social media success. Chuck Black Belt Leadership, a white belt creator, exemplifies this through his focus on consistent posting, replying to comments, and storytelling. Your unique narrative, perspective, and actionable tips based on your experiences can significantly enhance engagement and audience growth.

Leveraging X Premium Features

Consider investing in X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) for those who are serious about content creation. The additional features like reduced ads, longer video uploads, and enhanced text formatting (bold and italics) can give your content a distinctive edge. While optional, these tools can help your content stand out in a crowded space where attention is the main currency.

Timing Your Posts

Engagement and reach can be significantly affected by the timing of your posts. If you want to reach your target audience most effectively, post when they are most active. Regular posting at optimal times, identified through engagement metrics, can lead to better content performance. Remember, quality content naturally attracts the right audience, regardless of the time of posting.

Long Form Content vs. Threads

Currently, both long-form content and threads perform well on X. However, the trend indicates that utilizing the platform's full potential with photos, videos, and interactive elements can benefit content creators in the long run.

Discovering Influential Accounts in Your Niche

To find influential accounts in your niche, explore the reply tabs of your favourite creators to see who they engage with regularly. Additionally, checking who they follow can provide insights into other relevant creators in your niche.

Social Media Management

In the context of Social Media Management, understanding these nuances is pivotal. A strategic approach encompassing storytelling, appropriate content formatting, and leveraging platform-specific features is essential for effective Social Media Marketing. Convex Studio provides tailored strategies that resonate with your brand's voice and audience preferences.


Growing your X Twitter account in 2024 requires strategic content creation, understanding platform-specific features, and engaging authentically with your audience. Avoid outdated practices and embrace the new functionalities offered by X to stay ahead in the social media game. Adaptability, creativity, and authenticity are your best assets in social media. For more tailored advice and strategies, consider consulting with experts like Convex Studio, who specialize in crafting bespoke social media growth strategies.