SEO, How to Improve Your Local Search Ranking

How to Improve Your Local Search Ranking

Does your brand appear in the local searches? Customers frequently search for the best products and services available near them. You know you can stand out in these search results by improving your local search ranking. Local search engine optimization requires a strategy separate from general SEO. Local search is specifically associated with a location; when you perform local SEO, you enhance your online visibility in that location's search results.  

More than 90% of search engine users enter searches to find a business in the local area. Local SEO will bring more traffic to your store, improve online presence, increase conversion rates, earn you loyal customers and improve brand credibility. Thus if a company does not appear in local search results, it might miss out on valuable traffic and consumers. To put it another way, local SEO could be the key to keeping your business relevant and expanding.  

How Can You Improve Your Local SEO?

To gain a better ranking on search engines, you need to improve your local SEO strategy. We have compiled a list of the most effective methods to boost local SEO. Keep reading if you want to grow your business by implementing these effective local SEO methods.  

1. Work on Your GMB Listing

Google My Business is a crucial part of the local SEO strategy. You can list your business on GMB; it provides a platform to display important information like business location, website link, opening-closing times, and contact details. GMB listing helps with organic ranking in local search engines. Once your business gets verified on the GMB listing, the next step is to optimize your GMB.  

To optimize your Google My Business, you can do the following. Upload good photos of your business, inside photos, nearby premises photos, product photos and more. Add additional information that locals might be searching for, like your business hours, phone number or email address. Try to add fresh content daily or post business updates such as upcoming events weekly.  

2. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Usage of smartphones has become so common that it is only natural to search for a query on your phone rather than turn on your PC or laptop. You can utilize the services of website design and development specialists to optimize your website for mobile phones. We can help you have a fast loading and mobile phone compatible website. Nearly 80% of the public conduct near me searches on their smartphones. Do not miss out on these searches because of the non-mobile-friendly website. Ensure that mobile visitors face no trouble navigating through your website. Don't forget to include call-to-action buttons on your website and your Google My Business listing. Because 60% of mobile users have contacted a business directly from search results, this might make a big difference. 

3. Customer Reviews Boost Your Local SEO

Positive reviews will attract more loyal customers, and these are also beneficial for improving the business's local SEO. Reviews send meaningful SEO signals, especially in local searches. Having a high number of honest and positive reviews on your website can help you rank higher in local searches while improving your reputation. Therefore, to have better local SEO try to gain more authentic customer reviews. Google collects business reviews from GMB listing, website, social media and consumer directories. Your focus should be on accumulating good reviews on these platforms.  

4. Utilize Social Listening

Social listening enables you to track conversions and public sentiments about your brand. Calculates mentions of your products on social media platforms and research how much people are talking about your business. Find out what people in your target location are saying about your business or, in general, using social listening. You may also utilize it to gather information about your target audience's preferences and priorities. Then use these insights to figure out how you can improve your approach or even your products and services. Your social listening efforts may assist you in determining what types of local content your target audience is looking for. You may then devise a comprehensive content strategy to meet those requirements. Furthermore, you may find long-tail keywords to incorporate into your social media content optimization plan. 


Local SEO makes your business recognizable and helps online leads generate more traffic to your location. Since these leads come from people that are actively searching for your products or services, you can expect a high conversion rate. This guide will help you enrich your local SEO strategy, which will result in the growth of your local business. Let us help you perform highly effective local SEO, where we deal with all the technical matters for you.  

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