How To Write CTAs For Small Businesses

How To Write CTAs For Small Businesses

Can CTA (call to action) help generate leads? The answer is a big yes. Given that you put in the right strategy and effort in designing CTA, it will do wonders for your marketing goals. You should include CTAs in your business-to-business (B2B) marketing content and web pages. CTAs should be engaging and inspirational to clients. Writing a call to action that is effective requires copywriting skills. Do not worry if it is your first time creating and adding CTAs in marketing content. Convex Studio, an award-winning marketing agency, is here to guide you. Continue reading to learn the best CTA writing practices that attract prospects and convince them to click.  

Make Sure CTA Provides Value

A website visitor looks at a call to action on your web page - it appeals to them or not depends on them. The purpose of CTA is to create a visual element that convinces website visitors to complete an action. The value proposition should be the essence of your CTA. The information in CTA should be clear and compelling. Avoid ambiguity and confusion in your text. It does not matter if it is just two words long CTA should provide some direction to the visitors. Remember, CTA will get clicks only if it offers a benefit to the customers.  

Write a Specific and Direct CTA

It might be challenging to make your point in a few words on your Google Ads due to the limited space. That is where our CTA writing tips come to the rescue. When writing CTA for your small business, inform the audience what you want them to do. The initial words of your CTA should convey the desired action. For instance, if you run a small eCommerce website, start the CTA with order now or shop here. As a digital marketing agency aiming to promote your latest tips, add CTA that starts with the commanding verbs"download our article to learn more". To improve CTR (Click-Through Rate), be informative and direct in your CTA. 

Be Conversational and Approach Emotions

Put effort into approaching your audience in an informal and relaxed manner. Write CTAs in a tone that is relatable and conversational. Being a small business, you often struggle to catch the audience's attention. The best way to engage website visitors is to provide them with a friendly message alongside value in your CTAs. Look at the following example to understand this better. Instead of"click here to arrange a meeting", write"Click here to book time for a coffee and chat". The trick is to remain on point, but the message should also provoke emotions and enthusiasm in the reader. As a result of their interest, your audience will give you a meaningful response. Your viewers will become enthusiastic about your services and products if your CTA is enthusiastic. 

Use Curiosity to Engage

Another helpful CTA content writing technique is to explain the consequences of a problem to the users but not present the solution on a silver platter. Explain to the prospects what can go wrong and offer them a way to find the solution in your CTA. Directness and information are equally vital in CTA writing as keeping the reader curious. A strong CTA will increase visitors' interest and stimulate their curiosity. People are naturally curious and possess a strong desire to learn new things and comprehend what they have learned.  


To enhance the user experience and persuade the users to take action, we placed a lot of emphasis on choosing the images, modifying colour, and editing content. Most importantly, the copywriting component of CTA should be given the same level of attention. Since the majority of people only skim-read digital content, your CTA should be able to hook them right away.  

Convex Studio is a digital marketing agency in Hamilton that can help you with expert digital marketing knowledge and skills. Feel free to contact us anytime - we will be glad to help your small business flourish.