Improving Ad Rank for Small Businesses

Improving Ad Rank for Small Businesses

Ad creation requires lots of creative effort. If your ads do not show on search engines, all the effort goes to waste. It is vital for businesses that create and post ads to understand ad positioning. Ad Rank is a number that determines where your advertising appears on a page in relation to other ads also whether they appear at all. Your Ad Rank is mostly determined by the amount of money you bid and your Quality Score. To improve your ad rank, you will need to improve the components that make up your ad rank.  

Bid amount and quality score impact the ad rank. Increasing your bids improves your ad rank; however, the only condition is to do it correctly. While increasing the bid amount, focus on the top-performing keywords to keep them on the first page. Working on a quality score allows you to keep your ads on top without spending hefty amounts on bids. Quality score impacts the cost and effectiveness of your paid ads. A high-quality score allows you to optimize your ad rank and pay less per bid than an advertiser with a lower quality score. Here we discuss ways in which small businesses can improve their ad rank.  

Helpful Methods for Small Businesses to Improve their Ad Rank   

Here are three techniques to boost your ad rank without paying additional money.  

Work to Enhance the Ad Relevance

To improve ad relevance, first, you need a clear understanding of what it is. Ad relevance refers to how well your ad fits the search intent of a user. Ad relevance is one of the three components that make up ad quality, often known as quality score. Your ad rank is heavily influenced by ad relevance. The next question is how you can improve your ad relevance? It is not too technical but requires some smart work. You should audit your current ad copy and the keywords you are bidding on. Add relevant keywords that users are searching in your headlines and descriptions. You can identify what users respond to most by creating relevant ads. Google provides ranking analysis from low to best on headlines and descriptions - this can help you figure out the top-performing keywords.  

Landing Pages Can Do Wonders 

Do you wish to improve your ad rank? Landing pages can grant your wish. Landing pages are frequently overlooked in the conversion process. However, these are the most critical aspect in optimizing your ad rank. Landing pages are effective when written and published correctly. Your landing page headline should match the user/searchers' intent but not be fluffed with the search term words. The content inside the landing page should answer the searcher's query or solve a problem for them. Users will be disheartened with your business if they land on a page on your website matching their search intent - but the published content is irrelevant to the search. 

Consider the following aspects user's device, the degree of white or unnecessary space on the page, the presence of a clear call to action and page speed when creating a landing page. Google has now adopted the landing page experience into its quality score metric. Your landing page experience must be of high quality and uniform to boost your ad rank.   

Use Ad Extensions to Your Advantage

When creating new campaigns and ad groups, it's easy to overlook the importance of ad extensions. While they may appear to be time-consuming or unimportant to set up, the opposite is the case. Ad extensions are essential for increasing your ad rank on Google. Ad extensions allow you to provide users with more information about your company that your ad couldn't. After all with headlines and descriptions, we are still limited by character count. Ad extensions improve your Clickthrough rate (CTR), which improves your ad rank. All you need to do is to ensure ad extensions match the search term. Google provides the following ad extension options: location, structured snippet, price, site link, app, image and more. Ad extensions should ideally be created based on the campaign's goal (s). For example, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, add a relevant site link in the ad extension. Make sure the extensions you use in your ads are specific. Aligning them with your Google Ads campaign goals could help you improve your ad rank tremendously. 


In conclusion, when it comes down to search engine marketing, improving your ad rank demands specific skills and knowledge that you can adapt. The above-mentioned tips are absolutely beneficial; you should apply these to see a visible increase in ad rank. Add relevant and compelling ad extensions, align your ads with the user's search intent and improve the landing page experience for increased conversions. 

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