New Sales Person or Google Ads?

New Sales Person or Google Ads?

Marketing in the recent digital era is vital for business growth. Nowadays, different marketing mediums have emerged on the face of the digital world. You might get confused about which medium is most suitable for your business company. That is where we can help you. Years-long experience in successful search engine marketing makes Convex Studio an ideal companion and provider for all your marketing needs. As a small or medium-sized business, we understand that you have a limited budget and resources to spend on marketing efforts and yet desire great results from each campaign. It is possible. Continue reading this article as it explains whether you should hire a new salesperson or spend on Google Ads to make your brand successful.  

What is Google Ads?

Google offers extensive advertising opportunities to business companies of all sizes. You can post your product or service ads through or on its other partner sites and apps. The new name for Google's array of advertising options is Google Ads. Google created these services to assist companies and marketers in reaching billions of individuals. Who uses Google Search to look up information, YouTube to watch videos, Google Maps to explore new locations, and more. The diversity of ads offered by Google Ads allows numerous business companies to choose ideal solutions according to their marketing needs. Furthermore, Google ads provide a valuable and trustworthy medium to promote commercials and ads to attract potential customers.  

Hiring a Salesperson 

The second choice discussed here is hiring a salesperson to promote your brand and increase company sales. How is it better or worse than Google ads? Hiring, recruiting and training the sales team are highly time-consuming. Burnout and turnover rates also exist, so it seems a futile marketing method in today's age and time. Let's dive deep into the details of a salesperson working in marketing to understand which is better.

If you are concerned about expenses, Google Ads is a reasonable alternative to salesperson recruitment. However, it might be too costly for many business owners who want to promote their small businesses. Nevertheless, on some occasions, you can employ both these together and get the best results.  

Four Reasons You Should Choose Google Ads

Higher Conversion Rate

Unlike a salesperson who does not know the customer's intent, Google ads are far more reasonable as they will promote ads with an understanding of market demands. Consumer behaviour analysis reports show that today's consumers use Google to look for goods and services. Your advertisement surfaces as soon as someone performs a search for your goods or services. It indicates that you are putting your brand in front of someone with serious purchasing intentions. Thus, Google Ads has a higher conversion rate than a salesperson. 

Generates Leads

Your advertisement may show up when someone searches for a specific keyword present in your ad. You have the choice to have your adverts show on search engines besides Google, thanks to Google Ads. These websites can bring more qualified customers to your company, which can help you produce leads. Leads are necessary for conversion, no matter how big or small your sales staff is. You may create leads and use them to assist your current sales staff get conversions. 

Unlimited Reach of Google Ads

Your sales staff isn't able to reach everywhere. For instance, you have a salesperson in Hamilton but receive enquiries from nearby cities that the salesperson cannot respond to. Economically, paying for sales person's trip costs is not feasible. However, Google Ads can reach everywhere and don't require a travel allowance. The truth is that Google Ads can be beneficial for expanding your bandwidth. 


Google ads are cost-effective compared to hiring a sales team. You must spend time and money when recruiting a salesperson. Such as on their training, a computer, software, a mobile device, the internet connection, and more. However, Google Ads doesn't require any of these. With Google ads, the advantage is that you show up when a user searches but are not charged for it. You only have to pay for adverts when someone clicks on them. 


We hope this article helps you make a wise marketing choice. Google ads are better than sales team because it helps increase website traffic, generate leads and support your existing organizational structure. Consequently, you do not need to hire new personnel for each campaign. 

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