Smart Link building for Small Business

Smart Link building for Small Business

You entered the term"link building for small business" in the search bar because you wish to learn about authentic link building strategies and providers. Backlinks from the external website are added to your business website in link building; these links drive people from that website to your website and increase. So you can benefit from them to rank your business site better. Be mindful that link building is a double-edged sword, profitable for business if done the right way and negatively impacts business sites when unnatural and incorrectly done.  

Link building is part of the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy you often pay for. And SEO is a costly service, so choose wisely. If your SEO manager adds spammy links, Google will flag your site. Google's list of unnatural links includes low-quality directories, keyword-rich anchor text, spammy blog comments and bookmark site links. Whoever adds links to your website (whether you do it yourself or hire someone) content should be knowledgeable and expert. Here we have explained why smart link-building is important for small businesses.  

How to Build Links So Your Rankings Do Not Drop? 

Link building can do the magic for online businesses. Small businesses should invest money, time and effort in link building as it will help them grow online. You must avoid SEO companies that add spammy links or low-quality links - this becomes the reason for your dropped search rankings. Following effective link-building strategies can help you avoid poor ranking on search engines.  

Get High-Quality and Relevant Links

Try to get high-quality links from credible blogs and authority news sites. Since they are authentic, acquiring links from them will increase your site's domain authority. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a free service that can connect you to bloggers and journalists. You can provide the sources, and in return, they give your business site exposure. You have to prepare a valuable and brief pitch to send to the journalists and bloggers. The other way is to reach out to websites that have mentioned your company without linking. You can ask them to backlink your company in their content.  

Focus on Earned Linking

Another effective method to build links is to convince external websites to link to you. This approach is known as the push strategy. The other is pull strategy - in this; you provide valuable content to external websites that they want to link back to you on their own. Pull strategy is the method of earning links from reputable websites. Earned linking is the process of gaining links from external websites by giving something relevant and helpful that encourages people to link to your site. The simplest way to accomplish this is to develop content worth linking to. 

Check for a Manual Action

Google takes action to remove spammy links. In a case that Google has manually checked your website and found it to be in violation of Google's search engine quality guidelines, it will take manual action against you. You will get a manual action message in the Google Search Console. Open it to correct it. Check Google Search Console > Security & Manual Actions > Manual Actions to see whether you have any manual actions. If you don't observe any manual actions in Google Search Console, it does not imply you're safe. You may still be dissembled by Google's algorithm, in which case you'll need to fix the problematic links. 

Get Rid of Low-Quality Links

Google may suggest you take action against unnatural links. If you feel harmful links are affecting your site's rankings, the best thing to do is have the links physically deleted from the sites in the issue. Whether you have a manual action or suspect an algorithmic impact, to remove the links, you'll need to contact those websites. It is time-consuming, and most other websites will ignore your request. However, you need to be persistent in getting spammy links removed.  

Update Old Content

Check the number of backlinks on an article or research report that has not been updated in a long time. If that content is cited in numerous publications, you are in luck. The only hard work required is to make a fresh version of it that is better and full of relevant data. Once the content is published, you can contact bloggers or journalists who have linked to the previous version to inform them about the new version. This approach promotes the relationship between you and the bloggers or news sites. In most cases, you will see the effects of your outreach in the shape of backlinks or social media shares in a short time period.  


Getting high-quality links from referral websites is essential for good ranking and enhanced domain authority. Meanwhile, removing poor-quality, unnatural and spammy links is equally vital for your website's improved search engine ranking. A credible digital marketing agency can deliver high-yielding and satisfactory linking services. You can always contact one to get the burden off your shoulders.  

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