Smart Tips to Boost your Google Business Profile Visibility

Smart Tips to Boost Your Google Business Profile Visibility

We assume you are here because you already have listed your business on Google My Business, and now you aim to boost your Google Business Profile visibility. No problem if you have not listed your business on GMB; you can do it now. It is worth noting that a Google Business Profile is distinct from a Google My Business account. To access and improve your Google business profile, you need a Google My Business account. The Google My Business account will link to your Google Business Profile. Go to and sign in with your company's usual Google/Gmail account to create an account. 

Before discussing the effective strategies to boost your Google Business Profile, let's talk about why it is so important. Google Business Profile gives your business the visibility it deserves. It allows you to showcase all the information regarding your business in a precise and attractive manner. Utilize this platform to attract more traffic and enhance sales; incomplete or bad-looking Google Business Profiles drive browsers away. Follow these tested and practical ways and improve your Google Business Profile visibility.  

1. Ensure your GMB Profile Displays Accurate Information

Information is the first and most important thing for GMB profile optimization. Your business name on the GMB profile should be identical to that mentioned on store signage. The same goes for the address. For instance, if you are writing street as St in your address, ensure it is the same everywhere.   

Enter exact hours for both regular days and holidays. Your customers will appreciate you a lot for being accurate as it will save them from extra trips and wastage of time due to store closing upon their visit.  

The third important piece of information is your business description. Although Google chooses the description to display in search snippets, you can work on the"from the business" section in the Google My Business account. Add keywords that browsers often enter when searching for a business like yours online.  

2. Choose Correct Category

You can choose from a few different categories in Google, so choosing the correct one is crucial. The right thing to do is to be highly specific when picking your business category. It matters because only 16% of Google Business Profile views come from direct searches, but 84% come from discovery searches. Discovery searches mean that a consumer enters a product or service or categorical term relevant to your business. Pick a category closest to your business. For instance, if you own a leather bags shop, mention the complete name instead of a leather shop.  

3. Acquire and Organize Reviews

The best way to boost your GBP is through GBP. Reviews are free yet do a lot to improve your company's visibility among organic searchers. Customers' pleasant experiences with the company reflect in the reviews. Reviews are especially good for ranking your brand higher in local searches

People trust your business more when they see 5-15 positive reviews. You can ask a happy client to leave a review before leaving. You can acquire client reviews using one or more of the following methods: via email, texts, on paper, on google or video reviews. Additional photos of the product you sold to them or a work you did for them in the review details will be a big plus.  

4. Do Not Involve in Spammy Tactics

Organic approaches lead to better and long-standing positive results such as high ranking or others. Google will penalize you if you use a fake tool to gain reviews or offer false incentives. GBP is Google's tool, and its algorithm is sharp in detecting flawed or un-natural activity. It is good to get honest reviews from customers instead of buying five-stars from a fake website; it can throw you in trouble. Use Google Posts instead, which is a GBP advertising technique. It analyses how users interacted with your posts and what you should post next, which brings us to the next point. 

5. Use Google Business Profile Tools

My final tip for increasing your GBP is to use the tools provided in itself by Google. The Google Marketing Kit is one such tool; which allows you to make free stickers, posters, and social media posts to promote your company's promotions and activities. You can make excellent posters of your favourable reviews or evaluations, complete with written blurbs, and then share them on social media. Users may also follow your company's local profile on GBP same as they would on Facebook or Instagram. It allows followers to access your new social posts, offers, blogs or other product and event updates.   


To stand out in local competition, it is a good idea to work on improving your Google My Business Profile. The priority of Google is to optimize the user experience, and the same should be your business's. Adding all essential business information in the GBP will help browsers learn quickly about your services and products. We hope this article helps boost your GBP, so all the interested users reach your business website without any problem. 

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