Technical SEO Audit vs Online Audit Tool

Technical SEO Audit vs Online Audit Tool

The secret behind the online success of several small and medium-sized businesses is their website's exceptional SEO performance. Why does website performance in terms of speed, user experience, interface, and search engine ranking matter so much? It matters because a problem with your website's loading speed or any other issue can cost you potential buyers and increase bounce rates. The good news is you can improve your business website's visibility, conversion rate and ranking by optimizing your SEO strategy. You need an SEO audit to know which improvements to make in your SEO plan. You can perform an SEO audit in two ways: a manual technical SEO audit or an automated SEO audit with online tools. This article will help you choose the best auditing method from the two mentioned above. As a leading Hamilton digital marketing services company, Convex Studio is dedicated to helping its client optimize their business websites and rank higher on search engines.  

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO audit involves the analysis of technical components of a website to determine if they comply with search engine optimization best practices. Your website's ranking on search engines like Google and Bing depends on these technical aspects. A technical SEO audit informs website owners about the improvements their websites require for better performance and increased search engine ranking.  

What are Online Audit Tools?

Website audit tools for SEO save web editors and developers from manually analyzing a website's performance for website optimization, loading speed, conversion rate, responsiveness, and other aspects. Online SEO tools offer marketers convenient and powerful automated tools to discover SEO errors.  

The question remains: which one should you choose? Let us help you! We have compiled why you should prefer a manual technical SEO audit over an online audit using tools.    

Manual Auditing Offers Following Advantages Compared to Automated Auditing  

Gives You Competitive Advantage in Industry

Industry trends constantly change with emerging technologies - recently, multimedia integration such as HD pictures and videos has transformed website development. These features are best assessed by the human brain, not by an automated app. Using their intellect and interpretation, only humans can analyze the industry and business trends and tell if a website needs to undergo such changes or not. A manual audit allows you to compare your website's features with trending ones in your industry.  

Manual Audit Offers UI/UX Efficacy

Can an online audit tool tell the proper position for a call to action on your webpage? No, it cannot. Some things are only done better manually, and assessment of user experience and user interface falls among those things. An automated app cannot change its opinion based on changing marketing demands; these only operate on pre-established programs. A manual audit can tell whether a website's user interface (UI) needs improvements, such as the quantity of CTAs on the home page, their placement on a page, or the data in the footer. A manual audit also identifies redundancies that can hinder the user experience, such as a lengthy"contact us" form or complicated website navigation.

Improves Website Indexing

Indexing all pages of your website is not an ideal option to rank higher on SERPs. How will you know which pages of your website should be indexed? Manual audits make it easier to identify which pages should be indexed and which ones shouldn't be. In contrast to pages with trivial information like login and forgot password, pages with more relevant data like service, product, privacy policy, disclaimer, and blogs should be indexed. An automated audit tool does not understand the significance of indexing website pages like the 'checkout' or 'thank you pages. Instead, it provides only general data regarding the indexing status of web pages. 

Recommends Optimization

Another benefit of a manual audit is that it identifies the technical aspects of your website that need optimization. An automated SEO audit does not offer solutions to optimize each feature of your website separately, such as mobile view, XML sitemap, navigation, internal linking, content, and footer information. While an automated tool relies on algorithms designed just to spot errors on your website, it cannot make recommendations about how to fix them. A manual analysis of your website can only be conducted by a human being to come up with optimization recommendations. 


Technical SEO audits can help you achieve high visibility and top ranking for your business website. Now that you understand the significance of a manual audit over an online audit, we recommend you contact a great SEO audit service provider company. You can benefit from their expertise and improve several aspects of your website and search engine ranking. Ultimately, you can devise an effective SEO strategy according to your business needs only if you know what your current SEO plan is missing. 

Let Convex Studio help you! Regarding marketing and SEO, we have the best team of experts – ready to do a flawless job for you. Benefit from our professional and results-oriented SEO services and make your dream a reality.

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