Tips for Small Businesses to Rank top of Map Pack and Search

Tips for Small Businesses to Rank top of Map Pack and Search

It is challenging and requires effort to make your business visible in today's highly competitive business environment. As a local business, you can only attract customers if you are at the top of local searches. The chances of customers visiting your shop are much higher when you are listed on Map Pack, and your store location is pinned there. Therefore, staying in the first few results on Map Pack and Search Engines is essential for your small business. 

Get a professional's help if you are not getting desired results from your local SEO campaign. Convex Studio is a top-performing digital marketing agency in Hamilton that can assist you in turning your local SEO efforts into success. Here we present some helpful tips to rank at the top on Map Pack and Search Results.  

Get Listed on Local Search Platform

Pick a local search platform that fits your budget and suits your requirement. Some affordable local search platforms are Yext, Uberall, Moz, RenderSEO, and RIO. Local search platforms allow you to list your name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistently and accurately across hundreds of local search engines and directories. Hence, you can manage all your listings much more easily if you use a platform. 

Use Google My Business 

Google My Business allows you to manage your online presence across Google, including Maps. Using this platform, you can share business updates with customers, photos, event announcements, service lines, and other information. Getting your products and services visible where they matter most is a click away if you use and optimize your Google Business Profile. For the best results, you should consistently add new and high-quality photo content about business updates and also include images of the interior and exterior of your shop or store.  

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews 

To rank high in the Local Map Pack, you must have positive reviews and a good customer experience. Today, people trust reviews, and bad reviews scare away new customers when the owner does not take the time to respond. Customer experience depends on your dealing with them even after they have left your store. Now you might be thinking about how we can deal once they have left: respond to their reviews. If they leave a positive review, you can thank them. If they have negative comments about your product/service, address them, and you can offer customers compensation. 

Build Local Landing Pages

Be sure to design local landing pages that offer a good user experience, including quick load times, responsiveness, the latest schema code base, calls-to-action, and design elements. The purpose of these pages is to engage the user and provide information about what they are looking for and where they are looking for it. In addition to boosting visibility for specific products or services, local landing pages increase visibility in particular areas. The best part is that you can track their performance using Local Rank Tracker. Include local keyword phrases in your landing pages and meta tags to rank for local search terms. 

Convex Studio takes delight in helping small businesses succeed online by providing them with expert SEO and other digital marketing services. Our award-winning digital marketing agency in Hamilton can help local businesses grow tremendously. If you are looking for practical SEO tips to succeed, read our last blog, "BUSINESS WORDPRESS WEBSITE SETTINGS CRUCIAL FOR SEO SUCCESS."