Use Social Media to Answer Inquiries from Customers

Use Social Media to Answer Inquiries from Customers

Why social media is the best medium to connect with customers? Billions of social media users engage with brands daily. Setting up your business account across different social media platforms is free and easy. For modern businesses, social media is a crucial marketing tool - that can also improve customer service. Gone are the days of long phone lines and unending email chains. Social media provides a much-needed direct route between buyers and businesses since it is immediate and accessible. To reap the benefits of social media, you must execute the SM strategy well. If you don't carefully manage your social media presence, you risk damaging your brand and driving away prospective paying consumers. 

Social media forums facilitate social media customer service and customer care. In customer service, brands can answer their customers' questions present on social media. Business accounts can provide social media customer care to share product-related content, inform customers about services, and communicate with them regularly. The customer experience is critical to a company's long-term success. Responding to any direct questions shows clients that you're paying attention to them. This article provides tips to improve customer and brand relationships on social media customer service.  

Helpful Tips to use Social Media for Customer Service

These tips are especially beneficial for small businesses to boost customer relationships through social media.  

Build Authentic Relationships Instead of Sole Promotion

Social media forums provide ample opportunity for brand promotion. But limiting social media usage to self-promotion is not a wise strategy. Many businesses use social media primarily for self-promotion, and they don't always reply when customers leave comments or tweet at them. Engage in conversation on your Facebook and Twitter profiles to create actual relationships. While failing to answer at all will harm your brand, you must also respond to customers within a reasonable timeframe. Customers love a quick response as it shows your brand's dedication to its customers.  

Establish a Separate Dedicated Handle

The social media team might need more time than the customer support team to respond to customer queries. It is because your social media team has other tasks to accomplish in a day. It can take them more time in responding to each customer, and customers do not like late replies. Therefore, you should establish a dedicated handle for social media customer support. Create a dedicated social media customer service handle. Your customer service team is likely to be able to answer client questions more quickly and thoroughly than your social marketing team. 

Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags bring your material in front of a larger audience, target a particular specific demographic, and build brand awareness. Using specific hashtags makes it easier for users to look for their issues under that hashtag. Hashtags, especially on platforms like Twitter, help keep things organized and easy to navigate. You can also use the hashtag to contribute more information and curate content. Hashtags are mainly of three kinds: content, brand-specific and trending. Hashtags are words, phrases, or titles that help deliver a compelling message. Hashtags can help categorize posts, increase engagement, and draw attention to them. 

Be Responsive

The first and foremost thing to do is when you respond to a customer's complaint, listen to them till the end. It's essential to pay close attention and show that you're actively listening. The poor reaction from your end causes damage to your brand. After all, when your brand responds to a specific user, it is visible to more than just your followers. Not responding to customers is the worst approach. Responding to customer comments, whether these are positive or negative, shows that you appreciate what they have to say. Being more available can help you succeed in sales and retain customers. 

Top Benefits of Social Media Customer Support 

Direct Engagement

Your brand's bond with prospective customers and old customers requires a direct connection to strengthen. You can directly engage your customers through social media. You can ask questions and get answers fast if you have concerns about something. If a customer has a query or a complaint, they can speak with a member of your staff personally, who should listen to their concerns and strive to fix the problem. 

Promotes Positive Referrals

Your responsiveness towards your customers benefits you in the longer run. It impresses people when you serve your consumers with respect. Provides customers with a topic to discuss with their peers. The users are ecstatic that they were able to participate, and they frequently tell their friends and family about it. Currently, most customers spend hours on social media. Providing good social media customer service to these customers can immensely grow your business.  


Social media customer service is the way of the future for business/consumer relations. Having active social media accounts provides you with the opportunity for cost-effective social media advertising and marketing. However, social media is not limited to marketing only. It can be a great customer relationship-building tool for your brand. Work with a professional social media management agency like Convex Studio to get the best results for your business. 

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