Using a Remarketing Strategy to Get Customers Back

Using a Remarketing Strategy to Get Customers Back

You probably are wondering why marketing demands so much effort. Even so, not all visitors become customers. There is a solution for this problem which is known as remarketing or retargeting. Instead of running a new marketing campaign every time, you can benefit from the remarketing strategy. Remarketing or retargeting is a technique to utilize targeted ads to convince people who have already visited or shown intent to take action on your website.  

You can accomplish lead generation and conversion goals through this marketing strategy. Remarketing allows you to advertise specific products, services and offers to targeted consumers. Remarketing solves several conventional marketing problems. By remarketing the ads, the businesses can decrease shopping cart abandonment. How do you get a customer back; after they leave your website without purchasing anything? You use a remarketing strategy, as explained in this article. 

What is remarketing

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, in simple words, is a method to offer your visitors a second chance to become customers. Through remarketing, businesses convert visitors into customers and customers into loyal customers. Do you know how to retarget website visitors? It's alright if you are not familiar yet. Because the purpose of this informative post is to help you become a knowledgeable and successful marketer. Remarketing is all about reminding the users that your business or product is here to serve them. Remarketing provides you with a unique communication window with your potential customers; you show care towards your customers, and customers begin to trust your brand. No more shopping carts will be abandoned on your website - when you re-engage with the shoppers through a remarketing strategy.  

Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing or retargeting strategy has a long list of advantages. Brace up for this long but informative journey - you are about to learn all the possible benefits of this approach.  

1. It becomes your Brand Ambassador: 

Are you guilty of forgetting about a store's name where you loved the products? Well, it is a common problem for customers. But as a business owner, here is good news for you - remarketing helps you remind your customers about your brand. 

2. Retargeting Improves Outreach: 

It enables you to reach out to users - potentially interested in your brand, regardless of their current location. 

3. Gives you more Conversions: 

This marketing model allows you to reach out to users at a time when the possibility to convert is highest. A customer who has previously interacted with your business is 3x more likely to click on your retargeted ad.

4. Guides Users down the Sales Funnel:

You see a user leaving the product page present the retargeting ad immediately to lead them back to the product page. This way, with retargeting, you get sales instead of abandonment. 

5. Personalized ads: 

The use of dynamic ads in the remarketing plan allows the distribution of customized ads to each user. This automatically adjusts content and promotions as per the preferences and needs of every user. 

How to Use Remarketing?

You can remarket based on customers' site navigation history - use the information on the pages they visited to show them customized ads. For example, if the shoppers added a leather jacket to their cart but did not buy it. You can send them targeted ads for that jacket on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram. For effective retargeting, your strategy should be substantially personalized for consumers. For instance, different audience segments like recent visitors, Wishlist creators, cart abandoners should be targeted differently. To use remarketing effectively, focus on search terms, user questions, and keywords - then add these terminologies in your retargeted ads. Take this example you are a jewellery shop owner in Waterloo. A person searches on Google best diamond rings in Kitchener-Waterloo; you can make that person your customer with an ad of discounts on beautiful diamonds Waterloo. Targeted ads are the secret of crazy leads and conversion rates.  

Top 3 Remarketing Platforms

Remarketing is a type of PPC ad; that uses cookies in browsers to show users ads relevant to their recent past web history. A remarketing platform is a space where digital marketers publish compelling offers for their recent visitors. Here you will learn about the top 3 remarketing platforms. 

1. Google Ads: 

Google Ads offers one of the most robust remarketing platforms. Remarketing technique enables Google ads to remember and pursue potential customers across their internet searches. Remarketing or retargeting strategy works with the help of a small snippet of remarketing code that ads potential customers to remarketing list. Embed the dynamic remarketing tag with customized parameters to every page on your website; this tag then registers visitors to remarketing indexes and identifies them with individual IDs. 

2. Facebook Retargeting Ads: 

Facebook provides an excellent remarketing platform. Facebook's tracking pixel feature identifies rebound visitors - you can run a targeted ad (designed on their behaviour) to attract them back to your business. Facebook is a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy that involves ad campaigns to target past visitors or people familiar with your brand. Learn how to retarget website visitors on Facebook to increase conversions and reduce the expenditure per buyer acquired.

3. Mail Chimp:

Mail Chimp is an ideal all-in-one integrated marketing platform. It helps you recapture the attention of previous web browsers. Mail Chimp publishes your ads on prevalent sites all across the internet. When marketers create remarketing ads in Mail Chimp - it automatically generates multiple copies of ads; exhibits these in the right place at the right time. Remarketing through Mail Chimp promotes your products among potential customers by reminding them about the originality of your products.

Through a professional remarketing implementation, you reduce your chances of losing customers to competitors. Because this integrated form of marketing helps you attract them back to your business. 

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