Email Marketing for Your Small Business

Using Email Marketing for Your Small Business

Email marketing is an age-old concept that is still highly relevant to current marketing. As a business owner, you always think of ways to increase conversions and sales. So, wonder no more - the answer you are looking for is email marketing. Email marketing enables you to increase sales with your existing client base. This marketing strategy is one of the favourites of marketers because it increases audience outreach and connects your business with them in a personalized manner. Email marketing is affordable and less time-consuming compared to social media marketing. The popularity of email marketing has not decreased. Around 87% of marketers use email marketing as per the latest statistics. The time-tested email marketing strategy still has much to offer in 2022 and the future. Nearly 81% of small businesses use email marketing as a primary investment tool for customer retention. Despite the immense popularity of social media marketing, email marketing has not lost its worth - as it offers impressive numbers. Here are six reasons why email marketing can grow your business, revenue and market share.  

1. Provides Wider Reach

Social media users numbers are enormous; consequently, it is tempting to believe that social media can be the most effective way to reach the public. But one thing that you cannot ignore is the consistent value of email in communication tools. Around 333.2 billion emails are sent and received across the globe in a single day. These stats indicate that emails are a massive communication mode in the world. 

All business websites that ask for a sign-up ask for your email. To form any social media handle account (Twitter, Facebook) - you need to enter an email address. These social media handles use emails to notify the latest events and communicate anything with their users. Also, there is a huge chance that people who are not active on social media for privacy reasons use an active email address for online contacts. Therefore, email marketing can immensely benefit your small business if you implement it correctly to connect with leads, potential customers and past customers. 

2. Email Marketing Offers More Conversions

Do you know conversion rates are higher for emails compared to social media? Higher conversion rates are one of the top benefits of email marketing for small businesses. Email marketing is a powerful medium to turn potential customers into buying customers. The chances of someone coming to your website from an email are six times larger than through a tweet. Also, email subscribers are loyal customers who want to remain alert about your products or sales all the time. So, if you write emails that offer them the desired information, they likely carry out a purchase on your website.  

3. Email Marketing Gives Your Small Business Impressive ROI

Return on investment is the dream of most marketers and investors. Email is a highly efficient marketing means to get a return on investment (ROI) for your company because of its unparalleled power to drive conversions. It is good news for marketers that for every $1 they spend, email marketing generates $32 in return on investment. Email marketing is cost-effective; you do not need to invest much as an email marketing beginner. However, the ROI is higher for email marketing because of its hyper-targeted functioning. Unlike many other channels, email marketing is targeted and delivers information to users based on their interests, location, purchase history and more.  

4. It Enables You to Stay in Contact

Email marketing offers several benefits to marketers and contact with customers is just one of them. But this benefit is no minor profit for any business. The ability to connect and communicate directly with customers strengthens your business name. It enables you to reach customers in real-time and sell your products and services. A survey by HubSpot showed that 91% of consumers use emails, therefore a massive opportunity for you to stay in contact with your customers. Emails have grown to become the preferred communication choice of people; people love to engage via emails. Sales via email are constantly increasing every year. Therefore, provide your small business with a chance to increase sales through emails.  

5. It is Easy to Track Progress of an Email Marketing Campaign

You wish to evaluate your ROI. You want to know whether your current digital marketing strategy is running profitably or not. Well, it is easy to measure an email marketing strategy. And it is a significant benefit of this strategy for marketers. All email marketing instruments present the ability to track everything that happens after you have sent out your email. It enables you to track bounce rates, un-subscriptions, delivery rates, click-through rates and more. This feature offers you a better insight into how your email promotions are performing, which ones to modify or remove. These key metrics can assist you in doing what is best for your small business.  

6. Email Marketing is Affordable

Email marketing is an unmatched marketing tool to boost sales and enhance brand awareness simultaneously. Traditional marketing approaches such as print, or mail are expensive compared to email marketing. Email marketing requires minor investment and gives a measurable return on investment. The best part is that businesses of any size can equally profit from an email marketing strategy. Small businesses looking to improve their bottom line can use email marketing because it is budget-friendly and delivers a guaranteed ROI. Email can reduce your costs, depending on the forum and resources you use while drawing traffic to your website for conversions and sales.  

In conclusion, email marketing is also known as the king of marketing channels. It is so due to many reasons; consider all the above-described benefits of email marketing channels. Email marketing undoubtedly is the best way to get solid results. 

Email crafting in an appealing tone and words can be technical work. Let us help your small business succeed using our comprehensive email marketing services. Convex Studio is a digital marketing agency in Cambridge Ontario that's known for unparalleled quality marketing services in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge in Ontario Canada.  


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