Local SoLoMo strategy

Using the SoLoMo strategy for your local business in 2022

A marketing strategy or plan is the heart and soul of a successful local business. It is wise and essential to optimize your small business marketing strategy by following successful trends. SoLoMo is a combination of Social media, local advertising, and mobile contacts bringing revolutionary changes in digital marketing. Mobile phones store digital database that allows users and marketers to access and use information. Smartphone users provide this information in exchange for products and services. Location-based engagement has been made possible because of the mutual connection between consumers and marketers. Smartphone users voluntarily provide certain information to access applications. Therefore, marketers can benefit from the SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) marketing by communicating targeted audiences, most of whom are customers with a buying intent. Keep reading to find out what SoLoMo marketing is and how you can implement it for the success of your local business. 

What is SoLoMo?

Let's start with the definition of SoLoMo marketing. SoLoMo stands for Social, Local, Mobile marketing. SoLoMo is a convergence of three distinct types of marketing social, location-based and mobile phone marketing. Approaching SoLoMo consumers opens tremendous marketing and advertising opportunities for business owners. Marketers can increase their success ratio by reaching social media users based on their location. There are around 33.7 million smartphone internet users in Canada. Many mobile phone applications provide information about the exact location of customers. These days people like to read, watch and shop on their smartphones instead of stepping outside. Even if the customer decides to visit a store, they cross-check the products by reviews or photos on social media or websites. The option to shop on cell phones and tablets has transformed the shopping experience for the public. If marketers do not tap into the potential SoLoMo marketing offers, they will be left behind their competitors.  

Why You Should Adopt this Strategy.

The top benefit of the SoLoMo strategy is that it enables marketers to create a dynamic customer experience. SoLoMo marketing promotes the business and also transforms the behaviour of the customers. Customers check-in to stores using location-based apps such as Waze, Mapquest, Scout GPS, and others. Users share their experience of a place on Facebook pages. This is your chance to create a strong image through your customers. Adopting SoLoMo means your business is actively present on social media, has geo-targeted landing pages, and has a mobile phone-friendly website. This will enhance the opportunities for brand awareness. SoLoMo strategy inculcates the new marketing mindset to help consumers by providing relevant content and guidance to buy and use your products for their benefit. Successful SoLoMo campaigns earn businesses loyal customers. This approach promotes consumer engagement with your brand, and as they feel connected - they become loyal brand supporters. 

How to Implement SoLoMo in Marketing?

SoLoMo implements the combined strength of social, local and mobile commerce - to drive businesses or customers to local merchants. Social marketing and mobile check-ins stand at the core of SoLoMo marketing. Social media indicators are the primary reason or driving force behind customers' decisions. To implement SoLoMo in your marketing campaign, you need to consider the following practices:

1. Social marketing:

Maintain an active presence on most social media platforms visited by your audiences. Engage with them through comments, conversations and posts. 

2. Mobile marketing:

Design a fast and responsive website for your local business. Your business website should have easy to reach features and a mobile phone user-friendly interface.

3. Local marketing:

Establish a constant presence of your business on Google Maps. You should also consider other directories relevant to your business. Becoming accessible on mobile phones can work like a charm for your business - people always have mobile phones by their side and constantly scroll. 

Businesses focused on mobile-local marketing, social media marketing are progressing quickly. Every small business needs to engage more and more users, and the SoLoMo approach provides them with that great opportunity. 

So, if your dream is to expand your local business at an accelerated pace, this strategy is ideal.SoLoMo gives local businesses means and sources to connect with customers in many ways. SoLoMo has revolutionized the conventional marketing approach - by bringing consumers and merchants much closer. 

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