Which SEO Strategy is Better, Building New Content or Optimizing the Old One?

Which SEO Strategy is Better, Building New Content or Optimizing the Old One?

How should you update a webpage? This question may appear in your mind if you are an SEO professional. Another thing that may have been bugging you is what to do with the old content of a webpage. It all comes down to the efficiency of your SEO strategy. If you spend some time analyzing the content, you will not get stuck while updating a business website. Small business websites need the best content strategy for SEO to be successful. A common suggestion is to utilize 50% of the old content and create 50% new content for a good business website. 

You must be thinking about why you should optimize old websites rather than create new ones. Well, the answer to all of your queries is in this article. Take a quick look.  

Website Content Remains Relevant 

The web pages that you designed develop value over time. If you have published any webpage, you will notice that it has created certain links and visibility. For your target customers, the old web pages appear in search results. According to some SEO experts, those old and musty pages might have better page quality ratings than the new ones. 

You may be confused about why older content is better than newer content. It is true when the website content remains evergreen - for example, history topics related to websites. If your web page topic or business industry is not evergreen rather constantly changes. You just have to update it once in a while. Check its ranking in search results. If the website content ranking has decreased, refresh your content. Website content, if well-maintained, remains a worthy asset.  

Why Does Old Web Content Matter?

The old content can improve the click-through rate of your website. How? Well, just google any topic, and you will notice that the top results are one or two years old. You can make the old content look fresh with minimal effort. Just update the grammatical errors and add trending keywords.  

You should spend time and effort on the website design and its content to get newer and updated content. However, do not just fix the appearance but also the fundamentals of the webpage.  

Your old webpage will look fresh if you keep it nicely outlined, researched, optimized, written, and designed. You can also add engagement objects such as videos and images to improve the quality of your content. Just spend seven to eight hours and add value to your webpage.  

How to Ensure Quality? 

How do you want to start updating your website? A reasonable way to start is learning about search quality rate guidelines by Google. See what makes your website’s quality satisfactory or poor. Usually, those pages lose their quality and are unmaintained. Specifically, those websites which deal with “your money or your life” need to be well-maintained. You also need to check if the information your website contains is accurate or not. Alter the content according to the subject matter of your webpage.  

Do a Content Audit

If a company underperforms, how will the manager figure out the problem? Performing an audit will be a practical way to start. Similarly, if you want to freshen up the old content on your website web content audit is a good option. You will be able to identify the problems in your previous content. You can either eliminate such content or modify it a little bit. 

The content auditing process is pretty simple. You can use any SEO tool such as SEMrush or Screaming Frog with Google Analytics. These tools will provide you with the necessary data to understand the ranking of your website.  

In the first step, divide the web pages on your website into three different categories. In the first category, you will get those web pages that gather the most rankings and traffic. Then you get the web pages on page 2. The web pages belonging to category 2 have a great potential to get high traffic and better rankings. Finally, the poorly performing content will belong to category 3. You can get help from SEO Cambridge experts - to learn more, contact Convex Studio.  

Building your webpage content 

Stop thinking that the old web pages are useless to you after some time. The old web pages might need some maintenance and upgrade but are valuable because they have more links and visibility. You just have to figure out a plan to not waste the working content. You can focus fifty percent of your resources and energy on the old content and fifty percent on creating the new one.  


For improved marketing success, create and develop an SEO plan that aids in addressing your specific business needs, such as improving customer acquisition. Maintaining and growing the content is not a difficult job if you have a plan. Just set a schedule and regularly check your web pages. The more you take care of it, the more rewarding your content will be. 


Convex Studio offers award-winning SEO Cambridge services. Whether you wish to develop new content or improve the already published pages, we have solutions for all your SEO needs. 

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