Virtual Assistant Agency Canada

Why Should You Consider Working with a Virtual Assistant Agency?

Add a winning approach to your business plan by splitting your workload with a professional virtual assistant. Working with a virtual assistant is the perfect example of divide and rule. The VA will manage whatever you wish for your company. You can allot them tasks ranging from customer relations, phone calls and email response, live chat services, website maintenance, social media management and technical support services. If you wonder how hiring a virtual assistant will benefit your business, this article is for you. The next question of yours we address in this article is how to acquire flawless and professional virtual assistant services.  

The best strategy is to work with virtual assistant agencies. They match you with an experienced and skilled virtual assistant capable of helping you with various tasks. We will explain why working with a virtual assistant agency is the best choice.

What is a Virtual Assistant Agency?

A virtual assistant agency in Canada is an ideal answer for your struggle to find a virtual assistant suitable for your business. By finding, screening, and maintaining a pool of remote, independent professionals who can handle any job opportunity, a virtual assistant agency offers its clients outsourcing services. They help you locate the remote worker or virtual assistant that best suits your requirements. A pool of remote workers with a wide range of talents and experience levels is available through virtual assistant agencies. The agency finds a virtual assistant from among their staff to complete every task specified by a client.  

Reasons To Work with a Virtual Assistant Agency

They Offer You the Most Skilled Virtual Assistants

The top benefit of working with a virtual assistant agency is they have well-trained virtual assistants selected after scrutiny. That implies that they have undergone screening, vetting, and interviews. You would not have to spend time searching for a perfect virtual assistant. You can avoid the long and tiring process of hiring and training if you use VA services from a virtual assistant agency.  

Multiple Services in a Comprehensive Package

A virtual assistant agency provides you with a reliable VA partnership. They will recruit a VA ideal for your business needs saving you from vetting candidates' skills on your own. When you are not aware of how to hire a good VA or do not have time to search on your own, go for a virtual assistant agency. They bring the best VA for you after completing all the homework.  

A Company Offers Cost-effective Services

A good VA company like Convex Studio offers you a variety of packages suitable for your budget. You get a well-trained VA and do not need to spend time and resources on an individual VA's training. The agency provides free training to help virtual assistants prepare for their new position. Since there are no up-front, unexpected, or additional costs, you save money. In the long run, it is more economical to work with a virtual assistant service. 

Flexible and Project-Based Services

With a VA agency, you can customize your contract according to your needs. They will offer you different packages. You can pick the most suitable for your business needs. In this case, you do not have to make long-term contracts with virtual assistants to keep them connected to your company. Depending on your needs, you can hire a VA full-time or part-time. Project-based contracts are another option. As a result of your independence from one another, this provides both the VA and the customer some flexibility.  

You Get to Choose From Multiple Options

A Canadian VA agency offers you, virtual assistants, with a diverse set of skills. When you work with a VA company, you are not restricted to one freelancer VA with limited skills. Remote assistants from an agency are competent and qualified to handle various tasks - from blog writing to answering phone calls and whatever else you need. A company offers you their talent pool from which you can choose the ideal candidate according to your project needs. When you work with a VA company, switching to a different virtual assistant is a breeze.  

Agency Provides Dedicated Client Support 

A virtual assistant agency assigns you a dedicated account manager. Account Managers handle the communication between you and your virtual assistant. They aid in ensuring a trouble-free relationship between the VA and the client. Additionally, they regularly check and conduct performance reviews to ensure everything is going according to plan. Agency carries out daily monitoring and coaching of the VA so you can get the best results. 


Hiring a VA through a virtual assistant agency protects you from the possible pitfalls of hiring a freelance VA. An agency VA may appear more expensive at first. However, a virtual assistant agency provides pre-screened, pre-vetted, and pre-trained VAs. Then you realize that the extra benefits and safety measures make the cost worth it. 

Convex Studio is a marketing agency in Hamilton that offers the best virtual assistant services in Canada. You can rely on us for VA services whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or non-profit organization with a specific assistance requirement.