Adding Schema Markup to their Website

Why Small Businesses Should Add Schema Markup to their Website

Most people google to check the reviews ratings before visiting a cafe, restaurant or business. The right strategy to use to help rank your small business the highest amongst competitors is Schema Markup.

You must be wondering what is this high-tech terminology? Schema markup is a semantic code for search engines, also called structured data, that helps your website remain prominent among your competitors on Search Engines. Semantic vocabulary breaks down a sentence into words to be easily understood by search engines. Schema markup highlights the significant features of your business/product to the search engines. So, when the user searches a relevant word, your products are shown on the first page of the search.

Why Schema Mark-up is Important

Schema markup is semantic vocabulary available in the form of microdata at The function of this data is to enhance visibility and highlight salient features of your business on the internet. Google itself indicates strategies to help the business gain a better slot in its search engines - one such recommended tool is schema markup. Hummingbird and Rank Brain updates in google algorithm immensely affected the search results; today, dependency on SEO techniques has increased beyond imagination. Rich snippets and schema markups are critical; to improve the number of visitors and buyers for your small business.

Local Business Schema Markup

Frequent changes happen in the SEO world each day. Structured data or Schema markup has seen the most improvisation ever since its launch in 2011. Local Businesses should add structured data in the code of their website for it provides targeted information (services, reviews, recipes, etc.) about their business to the search engines. Improvement in search engine knowledge leads users to specific information about your enterprise while conducting an online search. Structured data influences search engines to focus on elements of your website, which are potential ranking factors. Schema markup implementation increases click-through rates, local customers and helps your enterprise appear on Google's knowledge graph. 

Increase Local Sale of products and Services with Schema Markup

Now you know how schema markup helps your business highlight its salient features to internet users. Let's have a look at how this function increases sales for local companies or shops. Reviews in today's world play a role in enhancing sales. Consumers, around 88%, judge the quality of your local business based on the reviews. Furthermore, 85% of consumers make a final decision to visit your shop after reading ten reviews. Schema markup helps your business sell specific products and services; it only requires technical skills to add schema to your website. 

Use Review/Rating Markups

Get reviews added to your listing in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). SERP includes pay-per-click ads, paid search alongside organic search results. A review snippet that attracts clients to your place can boost your business tremendously. You can ask customers for reviews and ratings after their visit. Google makes an average of the combined reviews and shows it as a ranking in stars (1 -5). A rich rating snippet is equivalent to an expensive marketing campaign, only that you can achieve it by simply adding structured data to your website. This indicates that schema markup greatly facilitates small businesses to appeal to local consumers without running high-budget marketing ads.  

Rich Snippets

Structured data markups: that help search engines understand the information displayed on a webpage are called Rich snippets or Rich Results. Reviews, recipes, product features and events are the common types of information highlighted in rich snippets. The role of rich text snippet in the HTML code of a markup website is that it delivers Google and other search engines explicit information from that website. Rich snippets are better than regular snippets, for these are more attention-grabbing and directed. You must know what type of data from your business you aim to present in rich snippets, and then you choose the type of rich snippet to add in SERP.  

How to Add Schema Markup to your Site

There are several methods to add Structured data markups to your website. You can pick an approach based on your technical abilities and resources. You can set up Google Tag Manager to add schema to your website or get it custom-written and added to the HTML of your website. Other methods to add schema include Microdata and Resource Description Framework in Attributes (RDFa). It seems high-tech and tedious; however, once you add schema to your site, you will reap great benefits. 

Outsource Website Management to Convex Studio

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