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Why Small Businesses Should Use Green Videos to Promote Their Business

Demonstrate your products and services through videos to enhance your revenue. Is it an expensive marketing strategy? The good news is no, not anymore. A small business working on a tight budget should consider Green Screen Video because of its affordability and tech-friendliness. 

Video making with the help of a green screen is cost-effective. A green screen allows you to drop into any environment you can imagine. For instance, you can create a 3D virtual environment for a video shot with this method. Small businesses face wherewithal shortages and cannot afford the purchase of expensive equipment. Green Screen provides the opportunity to reduce video production fees as it reduces on-site-shoot expenditures.  

What is a Green Screen (Chroma key)

Green screen shooting involves video making in front of a plain green background using an inexpensive green fabric or green paper. This green background produces high-quality graphics, later modifies this background into any specified location. Chroma utilizes a function to make background colour invisible and replace it with desired footage or photograph. Chroma key is applicable on videos shot in the single-coloured background, for example, blue or green. All it takes is technical skills and hard work to create Hollywood-style magic in your videos with the help of the green screen effect. 

How Green Screen (Chroma Key) Works

The first task is to choose the background. Shoot in your office but create an on-the-location feel. Yes, that is possible. All you need is to make videos in front of a smooth green background, adjust lighting and audio conditions. To get the best results in green screen shooting lighting factor is very crucial. Shoot indoor with correct lighting or outdoor in sunlight in a green coloured background; you will see how magical it turns out. Now for chroma key editing, you need software and the knowledge to perform editing. Specialized software such as adobe premiere possesses chroma key capabilities. And to perform editing, learn the technical skill through books, YouTube videos or seek the help of an expert.  

What Makes Green Screen Videos Cost-Effective

Green Screen reduces production time and production cost. Chroma key in green/blue production screen brings desired location to the studio. A foldable green screen setup is portable, thus a suitable option for those on budget. The estimated cost for small production with a green screen is less than $100. There is a minimum set expense; only the post-production effects editors insert footage and scenes into videos. 

Use a Teleprompter to Deliver Best Sales Pitch

Do you want your cast to deliver information seamlessly on camera? Add a teleprompter to your video-making equipment list. It is a display device that shows the script on a reflective glass screen. The actor reads the script from a teleprompter, and this way presentation becomes attractive and commits fewer mistakes. With a teleprompter, not only do you get perfect videotape; but also, it reduces video production time and cost.

Take Various Camera Shots to Tell a Good Story

While shooting with a green screen, choose different vantage points to cover your products from several angles. It is a video marketing tip for small businesses to film their product and services from prospective angles and add a good storyline. Do not worry about the backgrounds, the green screen production - and the chroma key got it covered for you.  

Add in B-Roll Images for Cool Transitions

B-roll transitions help you speed up your story. This transition feature is not only cool, but it also provides small businesses with the opportunity to make comprehensive videos. Transition aids the viewers move vertically in space from one point to the final point. B-roll transition adds creativity and attraction to your video marketing plan. You can either learn yourself or hire a professional to create exceptional videos of products and services of your small enterprise within a budget.  

Add Your Best Background

Green Screen makes the production process smooth and worthwhile for you. Now you need to add the chosen best background images to the video. Background editing demands medium to high-level technical skills. Having some editing skills can make your experience stress-free when removing the background. You will have to find the best images for the best look. Add the desired image or footage during post-production editing and improve your small business with this green screen video marketing strategy.

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Choose Convex Studio for Best Video Production

Convex Studio is a Digital Marketing Company in Cambridge ON, provides the best environment for green screen video production; we ensure that the visual and audio of your marketing video are perfect. 

For some, it is hard to do it all yourself when you need to buy multiple cameras, a slider, a teleprompter,  a green screen, good chroma key skills and experience with video editing. At Convex Studio, we deliver special effects, editing, production and video-making services for your business.

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