Why You Should Always Backup WordPress

Why You Should Always Backup WordPress

Backup in WordPress website is so so important. Although all websites should have a backup, here we explain why you must back up your WordPress website. With backups, it is possible to roll back updates that have gone wrong. All websites on the internet are susceptible to DDOS assaults, hacking attempts, data loss, and theft. You can protect yourself from all of those bad things by using a WordPress backup solution for your website. It enables you to safeguard your material and repair your website after an error or poor update. A WordPress backup ensures that the hard work you've put into creating your site is protected. This way, you won't be caught off guard in emergencies. 

WordPress Backup as Part of Regular Maintenance 

The WordPress software, WordPress hosting, the WordPress program itself, plugins, and themes all work together to form the robust system that is your WordPress website. You also include your text and image-based material in your WordPress website. Your website needs care; therefore, if you want it to operate at its best, you should regularly perform quick maintenance. WordPress site maintenance aims to ensure your website is secure, free of errors and performing at optimal speeds for visitors. The site is regularly maintained by performing routine backups, optimizing its search engine rankings, scanning it for malware, and more. Backing up your WordPress website is crucial because it protects your site from database corruption and erases wrong updates.  

Prevent Plugin Update Conflicts and Crashes

WordPress plugins are valuable to the website since they power almost any feature or functionality you require. Nevertheless, despite how useful they might be, plugins are frequently to blame for website faults, bugs, crashes, performance problems, and even the infamous white screen of death. Regular backups are the best method to prevent WordPress plugin conflicts and crashes. You can pick a reliable backup offered by the hosting provider, install a third-party backup plugin, or manually back up your files. You immediately put yourself at a significant advantage over any potential conflict error when you decide to develop the practice of regularly maintaining backups of your website.  

Having a Restore Point for the Latest Updates

If something goes wrong with your website, backups can help you restore it. A backup is a replica of the entire website's files and database. You will need a backup of all the files required to run your website because they are stored on a server but can be lost or erased. All of the essential installation files are already in your website files. Many WordPress users neglect to back up their complete websites. Instead, they merely back up their WordPress database, uploads directory, and theme. As a result, their backup becomes smaller and more steps are needed to restore the complete website. 

Manual VS Plugin Backups

Frequent website backup is highly beneficial to overcome any crisis or bad situation. There are two ways to do it: manual backups and plugin backups. Which one is better? Read this brief comparison to understand which one is better for you. If you choose manual WordPress backups, you need to personally back up your website each day to save a copy of it. Manual backup provides an extensive backup of your site's most recent version. However, manual backups take too much time and are prone to errors; therefore, these are not feasible to perform daily or weekly. Plugins for backup are available in free and paid versions. Paid plugins for WordPress backups are a great option because these are time-efficient and more simple to perform. A free plugin might not back up and protect your entire data. In contrast, a paid plugin provides complete data storage and protection.  

Do It Yourself Or Hire a Professional

Do you think you can perform WordPress maintenance tasks on your own? Well, it might seem feasible due to the simple and less technical features of WordPress. However, remember, it is not as easy as it might appear. It requires WordPress knowledge, effort and time. If you are confident you can regularly update your WordPress and save regular backups, then you can DIY. Consider using a WordPress maintenance service provider if you lack time to update your website and perform frequent backups. Hiring a professional is a more proactive option because they are skilled and dedicated to doing this job. Professional taking care of this for you gives you peace of mind and allows you to spend time achieving other objectives.  


We hope this article helps you start keeping a backup of your WordPress website. The better choice is to hand over this task to a professional they are proficient, and you will save your time. Have the professionals take care of maintenance and updates to keep the WordPress website running without issues. Convex Studio is a digital marketing agency in Hamilton that offers affordable monthly plans for every type of budget.