WordPress Vulnerabilities and Poor Performance

WordPress Vulnerabilities and Poor Performance

Bloggers, developers, eCommerce professionals and business owners frequently use WordPress because of its user-friendly nature. Plugins, themes, media support and free tools make WordPress ideal. However, with its bright features, WordPress has received a reputation for being vulnerable to hackers and slow in performance. Vulnerabilities reported in the WordPress platform are due to third-party plugins.  

It could come as a surprise to hear that the WordPress core is a very secure platform. Even though WordPress is generally safe, third-party plugins have made WordPress synonymous with hacked sites. There's a similar problem with WordPress site performance as well. A WordPress Performance Team constantly works to improve the WordPress core's performance. Third-party plugins that load JavaScript and CSS on pages slow down website performance.  

Common Security Problems in WordPress

WordPress has some serious security issues, but these issues can be controlled with smart strategies - which we will discuss later in this article. These security issues shift the focus from website growth to curing security issues. This leads to slow business growth and low revenue. You should consider outsourcing website troubleshooting services to professionals.


The WordPress core is safe, but the third-party plugins cause the issues. We use plugins and themes to make our websites more functional, add features, improve their look, and connect with users. All of this is made possible via plugins and themes. There is just one problem plugins and themes are built by coders. Sometimes when they write code, they make mistakes which leave loopholes. Hackers exploit these loopholes in code to hijack the website or take actions of their liking.  

Out-dated Plugins and Themes 

As mentioned above, loopholes and mistakes in code result in several vulnerabilities and security problems. The security researchers constantly analyze these WordPress security vulnerabilities to find solutions. Researchers discover the positions and causes of these vulnerabilities. Developers then work to fix these issues. The fixers come in the form of an update; you must install these updates to make your WordPress site secure.  

Ideal Solutions to Counter WordPress Security Issues

WordPress security vulnerabilities are always changing, and keeping up with them, on top of everything else that goes into running a website, is difficult. As a result, here are a few solid security techniques that can help you safeguard your website from hackers without putting in too much effort. 

Install Security Plugins

A strong security plugin is your best line of defence in WordPress against hackers. A malware scanner and cleanup should be included in a WordPress security plugin. A firewall, brute force protection, bot protection, and an activity log are all desirable features for security plugins.  

Install a Firewall

A web application firewall guards your website against a variety of threats. In addition to other WordPress security issues, hackers want to exploit vulnerabilities in your website. A firewall prevents this by allowing only authorized visitors to enter. It's an absolute must-have for your website, and it is even better if it is included with your security plugin. 

Strong Passwords Provide Security

The importance of strong and unique passwords cannot be overstated. A password manager is highly recommended. Your security plugin should also limit login attempts to safeguard your website from security risks such as brute force assaults.  

Update Everything Regularly

Ensure that plugins, themes and WordPress core are all up to date. Security patches for vulnerabilities are frequently included in updates; therefore, you should update as soon as possible. 

Regular Backups

To protect against losing your website to hackers backups are the last resort. Your website should always have a backup - that is stored somewhere other than the server where it is hosted. You can take help from professional WordPress website developers, like Convex Studio, to backup your WordPress site.  


WordPress security risks frighten many users, but these are resolvable with technical knowledge and skills. By the following expert advice, security issues can be simply rectified. Take advantage of experienced assistance to achieve the best results while concentrating on your company's growth. WordPress security should be a hands-off process, allowing you to focus on other tasks while remaining secure. 

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