Google My Business Optimization Service Cambridge Ontario

Google My Business Optimization Service Cambridge Ontario

Are you looking to get your Google My Business listing to rank higher in the search engine than your competitors? Our Google My Business Optimization Service is the ideal solution. If you already have a GMB listing but aren't sure you're doing everything to maximize your results, then the Google My Business Optimization Service is for you. With our Google My Business Optimization Service, you can avoid spending months researching and weeks implementing best practices.

As part of this service, you will directly work with one of our Convex Studio GMB experts to audit your existing listing and then implement an action plan to ensure that your listing is at the top of local searches.


Our GMB Optimization Process in Cambridge Ontario

Our GMB Optimization Process

Audit and Competitor Analysis

Audit and Competitor Analysis

In order to determine what immediate and long-term optimization opportunities exist for your Google My Business profile, we first do a comprehensive analysis. A detailed report will be sent to you that shows where your listing stands.

Action Plan

Action Plan

Your account manager will create a customized action plan after the audit is completed that details how we will improve your listing. As soon as we receive your approval, we will move to the next step - optimizing your Google My Business listing!

Optimize Google My Business Account


Having identified opportunities to take advantage, we assist you in implementing the optimizations that we recommend to help you begin generating results.

Ongoing Engagement Services

Ongoing Engagement Services

The last step in the optimization process is to drive continuous positive engagement on your GMB account through posts, reviews, pictures and more.

Google My Business Conversion Insights

Google My Business Conversion Insights

Business owners often create Google My Business profiles to drive sales and conversions. To create a quality listing, make sure the information across the profile is accurate. You may see more conversions and actions if you correctly set up Google My Business Categories.

  • Phone calls.
  • Website visitors.
  • Search queries are used to find your business.
  • Direction requests.
  • Photo views.


Google My Business Reporting

Google My Business Reporting

Direct Searches

When searching for your business name or address, customers find your listing through your Google My Business profile.

Discovery Searches

Customers looking for a particular product, service, or category discover your Google My Business profile.

Branded Searches

Your business or business category appears in search results for customers searching for a brand.

Google My Business Directions Request

Your location will then appear in the list of locations from which users are requesting directions.

Having this information allows you to target specific locations that possibly have a larger customer base.


Why Choose Convex Studio?

Quality Work, Checked

Quality Work

You make all decisions. Our GMB optimization services is mutually agreed upon, and all deliverables are sent to you for approval. Using our services will be seamless and require little effort from your end.

Best Value, Checked

Best Value

We don't want you to waste your money. Our experienced team will carefully research your competitors and create the best possible content to create the best results possible.

Affordable contracts, Checked

Affordable contracts

We are an SEO agency with high integrity and aim to earn your trust by providing excellent work. A variety of industries have benefitted from our SEO services.