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Local Landing Pages That Are GEO Targeted

Using geo-targeted landing pages can help your business attract the attention and clicks of users searching for local businesses. Geo-targeted landing pages can allow visitors to find the most appropriate location for their needs if your business has multiple locations.

What Are Local Landing Pages

Local landing pages are pages that are created for websites to focus on customers from a GEO targeted location. Each page is unique and focused on showing specific products and services for each location. This strategy gives businesses an advantage for connecting to customers searching for services or goods locally.


Local Businesses

What Type of Businesses Use Local Landing Pages?

Any business with multiple locations would benefit from them. Here are a few examples of businesses that do so

  • Local Services
  • Contractors
  • Employment Agencies
  • Restaurants
  • Law Firms
  • Rental Firms
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Agencies
  • Entertainment
  • Marketers


Businesses with lots of locations

Businesses with Multiple Locations

A geo-targeted landing page is also a great option for businesses with multiple locations. A popular search term used on Google is"near me". Having multiple local landing pages allows users to find a branch of the business that is closest to them.

Companies that have business across Canada and North America can have a competitive advantage when it comes to local search. The idea is to create a custom page for a location where a visitor is greeted with a personalized message with the city name included.


SEO Benefits of local landing pages

Benefits of Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

If you tailor the strategies used for different locations, you can determine how well each location performs in relation to one another in terms of traffic and rank. A landing page can also increase leads, traffic, and links to your website. If you hire the right people to create geo landing pages, you can reap huge rewards.

There are also many advantages to SEO. You can discover a wealth of information about your website visitors by analyzing unique landing pages. Using this data, you can increase your traffic to your site, drive more people to your brick-and-mortar store, and increase your brand awareness and loyalty.


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