News Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

They said posting on social media would be easy.

That was until you had to think of what to post, then it becomes much harder. Not everyone is creative, and many people get writer's block. Also, you have to create fresh and enticing content to get engagement. For some, they spend hours figuring out what to write, post it, and get zero engagement. Unfortunately, social media requires more work than most people think. There's more to it than just posting. We have the solution! You should consider outsourcing your social media to Convex Studio. Call us for a free consultation. (800) 949-1830


Outsource Video Making To The Pro's

Trying to make your own videos and getting a little stressed? Why not outsource the stress of video making to Convex Studio. We can help make videos for you. Whether it's one for your website or lots for social media. When you create a video that is enticing and entertaining, it can offer some real benefits for your business. We offer video production services, green screen services, and more. Call us today and let's discuss your next project. 1 800 949 1830


News Story Thursday, May 14, 2020

Angry that your newest customer reviews are not showing up on your Google My Business account.

Angry that your newest customer reviews are not showing up on your Google My Business account. Google turned off the ability to get new reviews to be published on March 20th. There is no solution now as Google is not allowing reviews for some businesses. They are allowing some businesses to get new reviews, but it is not available to everyone. Some restaurants and grocery stores are getting them. Unfortunately, when your business starts getting them again, you will have to spend more time answering them. Consider outsourcing all your online marketing to Convex Studio. Our prices are affordable and many include reputation management. We have packages for everyone. Call us at 1 (800) 949-1830. 


Calling all small businesses! Convex Studio wants to help make online marketing simple for you.

We offer fully managed outsourced marketing services where we manage everything for you. Let us manage your website, social media, seo, sem, videos, photos, graphics, and strategies. Add a marketing department to your business without breaking the bank. We have monthly packages for every budget. Get the basics starting as low as $350. 




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