News Story Thursday, March 26, 2020

Making rash decisions may cost you more in the long term

Your competitors all agree that you should cancel all your digital marketing efforts, including all advertising, SEO, website upgrade, and social media efforts. They all support you 100% percent. At Convex Studio, we think that it's not in your best interest to cancel your digital marketing efforts. Making rash decisions may cost you more in the long term. This is especially true for serious business owners that have already invested in an online marketing and SEO strategy. Please take the time to consider how much it will cost you to rebuild your positioning when things get back to usual. This may be a good time for anyone serious about taking the lead in ranking to consider investing in a solid SEO strategy. Call the digital marketing experts at (800) 949-1830 for a free consultation.


News Story Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Some free advice to restaurants and other local businesses that are essential services and affected by the COVID-19 crisis

Let Google know you care about your customers, and you're doing everything you can to accommodate them. People are using local search and maps to find out what's open in their area. Instead of just focusing just on Facebook, take the same amount of time to tell Google you are doing take out or still operating. Don't remove your store hours completely and use the holiday hours option instead. Post useful information about your response to the outbreak directly on your Google My Business listing. Post your specials, menu items, services, and more. Answer those questions asked by your customers on your Google My Business listing. While you're at it, thank your customers for their support by responding to reviews. It will look better when you prove you care. Start seeing the reward of better rankings versus businesses that don't care. If you need some help, contact Convex Studio at 1 (800) 949-1830. We are working from home and are safe and healthy.


News Story Thursday, March 19, 2020

Now is a great time to start listening.

Unfortunately, we are in a COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and some businesses are making rash decisions. Now is a great time to start listening. Having the right advice and knowledge for your business will save you from making huge mistakes that could cost you more in the long term. Consider that more people than ever are going to be using the internet for everything. The internet is going to be more competitive than ever before because people still need products and services. Now is the best time to get educated about SEO, local search, search engine marketing (Google Ads), your website, and the importance of your brand online. What's your game plan? Giving up isn't an option. We want to help your business succeed through this pandemic! Call the digital marketing experts at (226) 444-3606 for a free virtual consultation. 


News Story Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Here is some free advice!

If you want results when it comes to local search you need to be using Google My Business in your marketing strategy. Being listed is one thing, but contributing to your listing and optimizing is something else. Almost everyone goes to Google as their first resource for directive searching to find business locally. If that search fails to find what they are looking for, they may start looking on a directory. Google My Business optimization, not website optimization, is considered the most valuable local marketing strategy. According to BrightLocal’s annual local search industry survey, the top 5 most valuable services are:
1. Google My Business optimization
2. On-site optimization
3. Reputation management
4. Citation management
5. Website design
Maybe now is a good time to review your local search strategy. Call Convex Studio at 1 (800) 949-1830 for a free consultation.


News Story Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thank you Bardish Chagger

We want to thank Bardish Chagger for her recent letters to Convex Studio. The letter said that the Government of Canada and the constituents of the riding of Waterloo are proud of us for winning Gold for Best Web Services / Design by the 2019 Readers Choice Awards and Platinum for Advertising / Marketing Agency. They also wish us continued success for our business. It always feels great to know that we are doing a good job for our customers.


News Story Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Are you paying your SEO company for unnatural links?

Are you paying your SEO company for unnatural links? It's a good time to do a backlink audit to see what you're paying for. Unnatural links can result in you getting a Google manual action against your website. Here are some examples of unnatural links.
- Public Blog Network (PBN)
- Link Schemes
- Low Quality Directories
- Low Quality Bookmarking Sites
- Link Exchanges
- Injected Links
- Paid Links
- Blog Comments
- Redirected Domains
You need high-quality Domain Authority (DA) Links from trusted websites. To create a disavow list takes research and time. Need help? Contact the digital marketing experts at (226) 444-3606 for a free consultation. 


News Story Thursday, March 05, 2020

Want to dominate local search?

Want to dominate local search? You need to be doing these six things. 👀 👇 👇 👇
- Updated website
- Local SEO
- Listing management
- Local landing pages
- Reputation management
- Paid search and social media
Most businesses that we do discovery meetings with admit that they aren't doing enough when it comes to their business presence online. You need more than a website to dominate local search. This should be a no-brainer because it's all about educating people about your business. Start planning now to see results sooner. Contact the digital marketing experts at Convex Studio for a free consultation (226) 444-3606.




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