News Story Monday, July 26, 2021

Calling all custom manufacturers. Now is the best time to update your website!

Prospects will cross-check your website to see if you're a legit business. Give them the impression that you care by adding well-written content, projects, testimonials, specs, photos, videos, and more to illustrate all your capabilities. Your sales team will thank you for making their sales cycle easier.

We have experience and work with all types of custom manufacturers.
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Do you have an eCommerce store built on WooCommerce? There is a new vulnerability that affects millions of WordPress sites.

The vulnerability known as a SQL Injection Vulnerability is so severe that WooCommerce is pushing the update automatically to affected publishers.

Although the updates are automatic, some publishers are reporting that some of their sites did not receive the update yet.

So it’s important to check and manually update if the site has not yet updated to the highest version of your WooCommerce version branch.

Time to dump Wordpress?
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News Story Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Are you thinking of doing your own Google Ads? Here are some tips to help you succeed and save you money!

1. Turn off broad match keywords
2. Focus on exactly which target locations best suit your business
3. Write amazing ad text
4. Add outstanding images and video
5. Don't run your ads 24/7
6. Use negative keywords
7. Watch your Google Ads frequently

Google Ads can be very overwhelming and can eat up your budget quickly if you're not careful.
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News Story Tuesday, July 06, 2021

If done right, social media can be a goldmine of leads and conversions for businesses.

5 social media marketing tips:

1. Focus on your audience
2. Pick your platforms & optimize for them
3. Create & share content
4. Promote user-generated content
5. Give great customer service

Convex Studio can help your business with a new social media strategy.
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