Schema Markup Service

Schema Markup Services

Convex Studio provides Schema Markup Services for businesses that want to take advantage of adding Schema to their website.  Our service takes care of all the structured data and markup and implementation. For many professionals, it can be challenging to understand Google structured data requirements. That’s where we come in by taking care of all the details for our clients.


Schema Markup Assessment and Strategy

We assess your website to see which pages will need to be marked up. Then we research your competitors to see what they are doing.  Next, we present you with our findings and our strategy. Our primary objective to get you the best value from our service by telling the search engines about your rich snippets that include your local business, ratings, reviews, contact information, services, products, questions and answers, articles, photos videos and more into the search results.


JSON-LD markup & SEO

We only provide JSON-LD because Google recommends it and that is ultimately what our customers want. Our code will be correct, professional and 100% compliant and up-to-date with the latest changes in Google, Bing, Yahoo.  We also provide a monthly service that watches for updates and changes. We would implement them as required.




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