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Our SEO Services Will Drive Traffic to Your Website and Increase Sales

Do you need professional search engine optimization? Convex Studio offers you professional assistance in results-oriented and ethical search engine optimization. Using the finest SEO strategies and latest tools, we ensure that your content gets a high ranking for specific keywords. We also ensure that after getting the highest possible ranking, you maintain it as well. We ensure our clients rank higher for specific keywords using the latest tools and SEO strategies. After achieving the highest possible ranking, we assist our clients in maintaining that position. Making your business noticeable on online platforms is an art. We will guide you and assist you in how to drive more customers and boost your online visibility.


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SEO Company With a Proven SEO Strategy & Process:



Where should you start? The initial step in professional search engine optimization is reviewing your current SEO performance. Your SEO knowledge can help you in making your business successful. The success of your online business rest on your understanding of search engines’ ranking factors and guidelines. We can provide you with a detailed analysis of your existing SEO strategies. We can also assist you in finding an ideal solution to increase your page rank.



If you want to understand the SEO strategies used by your competitors, we can help you with it. Upon research completion, we can also design a good SEO strategy for you. To outwit your competitors, all you need to do is follow our designed SEO plan. You will see a marked improvement in your rankings over a short period.

on page SEO optimization


The first thing we do is assess your webpage structure and speed to confirm your webpage is optimized. After that, we will screen the content to ensure proper usage of text, headers, alt tags, meta tags, images, sitemaps, navigation, links, and more.

Website Reviews

Authority & Trust

To assess your online reputation - we perform a thorough analysis. Your brand can be built as a trustworthy authority by getting legitimate links from established and authentic websites. We offer our assistance to you through each step of this process.



Every customer who visits your page looks up reviews from your previous customers. Customers' remarks about your products or your business matter. For the management of customer reviews, you can utilize our services. We ensure that your customers are being responded to timely. Effective management of your client reviews will let you know if your customers are taking your business seriously.

Analytics & Tracking


Do you want to know if your SEO strategy is working or not? Let us take this off your plate. We can track the results of your SEO activity. To optimize your SEO strategy, we will use these results to modify your marketing strategies.

In-House SEO SERVICES St Catharines

In-House SEO Services St Catharines

Convex Studio creates and consults on efficient SEO tactics.

Our in-house SEO services will provide you with a complete SEO strategy and consultation. Due to the cheapest rates, certain SEO agencies and consultants outsource their SEO work overseas. This activity benefits businesses but affects the work quality for clients. Therefore, we provide local expert SEO services so clients can enjoy the best results.



We Customize Seo Packages

Business requirements differ from one another.

Every SEO professional needs to understand the uniqueness of every business. We understand the significance of understanding your business needs. Count on us for a qualified and motivated team to improve your SEO campaign. We keep in mind that you need a good SEO campaign to benefit your business. We create your SEO packages and strategies specific to your target audience, goals, and budget.


SEO Campaigns For Every St Catharines Business

You may wonder how our services differ from others? You will see that we provide you with unique, top-performing SEO campaigns and up-to-date SEO knowledge. The convex studio aims to assist you in a better way than our competitors. Our comprehensive and effective SEO strategies will guarantee you 100% results. All of our services work efficiently helping your business succeed.

Start Ups, Checked


Nowadays, digital marketing is vital for every single business's success. SEO is known to be the heart of soul of online marketing. One of the effective strategies to create your start-up business online if you are interested in doing so is SEO. Your SEO approach can be strengthened to increase click-through rates and win over clients. Also, optimized SEO can give you a high search ranking increasing your conversion rates.

Local businesses, Checked

Local Businesses

Geographically precise keyword searches produce fewer results as compared to standard searches. National searches and local searches are different from each other. For local searches, there is a map attached. Local businesses often struggle to be on the top list as consumers tend to click on them.

Business to Business (B2B), Checked

Business to Business (B2B)

If you wish to set up a web presence for your new business, you can rely on us for the best SEO services. In a search engine, if your name shows up in the top results, customers believe you are a trustworthy and established business. You can enhance your business visibility with an operative B2B SEO plan. Increased visibility ensures that people frequently come across your services and buy your products.

Business Growth In Two Unique Ways


Initial SEO

The first step is to establish an SEO setup for your company. After this, we perform a thorough site audit and make the required alterations to your website. These steps are necessary for providing you with a high-ranking and optimized site. Our services' cost depends on the number of keywords and your further requirements. We also add write code, write copy, metatags, and more for every keyword.

Monthly SEO Plan

If you want to utilize our monthly SEO packages, their cost depends on your monthly services. Furthermore, the amount of bought authoritative backlines and blog content written determines overall charges. Authentic sites such as requires you to pay premium costs for quality backlinks. However, you can enjoy extended quality services with our monthly SEO packages.


Why Choose Convex Studio for Search Engine Optimization Services?

Quality Work, Checked

Quality Work

Your company will get top-performing and flawless SEO services. With us, you will enjoy quality services without putting in the extra effort. We deliver the best services beyond your expectations along with respecting your choices and decisions.

Best Value, Checked

Best Value

Your business success is important for us, and we also focus on spending your money in the best way possible. Our highly skilled team members perform competitor research and effective keywords to generate the best results for you. We also create quality content for your website so you can enjoy premium quality results.

Affordable contracts, Checked

Affordable contracts

Our motto is to serve our clients with our finest SEO strategies. We believe in earning your trust with our first-rate work. Currently, a large number of companies are getting profits by utilizing our SEO services.

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Did you know this about St. Catharines, Ontario?

St. Catharines is the sixth most extensive urban area and the largest city in the province of Ontario. Known alternatively as"The Garden City," St. Catharines is famous for its green landscape, extensive hiking paths, and charming parks. There is no shortage of outdoor beauty because the Niagara Escarpment passes directly through the city. St. Catharine's grapes, which are the source of a few wineries and have vintages that can proudly compete with some of the best wines in the world, are worth a visit while travelling along Niagara's Wine Route.