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Our SEO Services Will Improve Your Online Presence & Increase Your Sales

Let us help your business grow phenomenally with our specialized SEO services. Convex Studio is a professional marketing agency that employs powerful tools and strategies to boost your search engine ranking for specific keywords. We not only help you achieve higher search engine ranking but also help you maintain that position. We can help you attract new customers to your business. We take care of keyword research and other SEO tasks to ensure that you enjoy increased website traffic and sales.


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SEO Company With a Proven SEO Strategy & Process:



SEO analysis of the results of your current SEO strategy helps identify errors. It is essential to understand that multiple factors influence your page ranking, and each search engine has distinct SEO guidelines.



SEO research involves deep analysis of the online market, recent trends, and successful SEO strategies of your competitors. After conducting quality research, we develop an effective SEO strategy for your business so that you can outrank your competitors and reach the top of search engine results.

on page SEO optimization


In on-page SEO optimization, we examine your web page speed, structure and overall performance. Based on the results, we add helpful meta tags, images, text, headers, links, sitemaps, navigations and more.

Website Reviews

Authority & Trust

We assess your company's online reputation. Then help you build the brand name and win customers' trust by acquiring authority links from authentic websites.



Public reviews impact your business a lot more than you can think. We can help you gain good reviews and respond to reviews, so clients and search engines see that you are a reliable business.

Analytics & Tracking


We track your SEO activity. This helps us modify the SEO strategy for better results and full functioning.

In-House SEO SERVICES  Vancouver

In-House SEO Services Vancouver

Convex Studio offers the best SEO and Consulting Services

We believe in organic and high-quality SEO. Unlike fake SEO agencies that outsource your SEO work overseas for lower rates, we provide you complete in-house SEO services. If you choose to work with us, you will find our local SEO experts team highly professional and dedicated.



We Customize Seo Packages

Every business has different SEO requirements

Excellent search engine optimization requires knowledge, skill and experience. We have well-trained SEO specialists to bring the best SEO results for your business. We offer customized SEO packages unique to your business's needs, goals, budget and target market.


SEO Campaigns For Every Vancouver Business

Convex Studio offers specialized SEO services that are up-to-date and benefit every business. Let us help you stay ahead of the competition! We will ensure that your SEO efforts are carried out according to current techniques.

Start Ups, Checked


We recommend adding SEO as an integral part of your online marketing campaign. A bad search engine ranking will result in reduced sales and no visitors to your website. The right SEO strategy will enable your business to succeed tremendously. You require top-performing SEO strategies, specifically when you are a start-up company trying to make your mark. You can improve your click-through rate by utilizing search engine optimization to gain the trust of your customers.

Local businesses, Checked

Local Businesses

In contrast to standard keyword searches, searches that include a specific geographic location will return fewer and different results. Local businesses strive to rank well on this shortlist. That is why local search results differ from national or international search queries - in local search results, the competition is fierce. Usually, you will see a map attached to local search results to guide users to the accurate store location. Investing in local SEO can help local businesses attract more traffic to their online store and physical area.

Business to Business (B2B), Checked

Business to Business (B2B)

Business-to-business (B2B) SEO aims to improve organic search engine traffic and rankings. A B2B SEO strategy that is effective puts a company's website in front of customers who are actively seeking out the services or goods they supply. SEO efforts put you at a higher position on search engines; this increases your impact as a trustworthy brand.

Business Growth In Two Unique Ways


Initial SEO

In the initial SEO package, we provide basic SEO services. Our SEO experts conduct a site audit and modify its elements to improve the performance of your website. The package price depends on the number of keywords you ask for. Each keyword will require a copy, meta tags, code, and more.

Monthly SEO Plan

Monthly SEO services costs depend on monthly blog content, and the number of authoritative backlinks bought per month. It takes more money to get high-quality backlinks from websites like With our reasonable monthly rate, you'll benefit from SEO for much longer.


Why Choose Convex Studio for Search Engine Optimization Services?

Quality Work, Checked

Quality Work

Convex Studio is well-known for its high-quality SEO in Vancouver, British Columbia. We make sure you get the best results when you work with us. We also value your opinion and thus send all deliverables to you for final approval.

Best Value, Checked

Best Value

Your business and success matter to us, and we understand that you expect solid results for each penny you invest. Therefore, we add great content and relevant keywords to your website that bring you success.

Affordable contracts, Checked

Affordable contracts

Convex Studio has helped several small and medium-sized businesses make a mark and expand. You will find our contracts reasonable and suitable for your needs.

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Vancouver SEO Agency

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Located in British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Vancouver is one of Canada's largest and most well-known cities. In the Salish Sea, a marginal sea of the Pacific, Vancouver lies adjacent to the Strait of Georgia. The Strait of Georgia separates the mainland from Vancouver Island. Greater Vancouver is densely populated and ranked Canada's third most populated area after Toronto and Montreal. Vancouver wants to become the greenest city in the world with the help of its Greenest City Action Plan (GCAP). It has already carried out 80% of its action plans. It is the third greenest city in the world after Copenhagen and Stockholm.