Video Editing

Video Editing Services

Customers of all sizes have praised Convex Studio's video editing services and quality customer care. Our video editing team has stayed at the forefront of technology by utilizing new technologies, such as non-linear video editing systems with magnetic timelines.

Whatever type of video production you're planning, we'd be happy to speak with you about your project and how we can work with you to achieve the best results. 

Motion Graphics Services

Motion graphics are an essential component of almost any video that communicates effectively.

Animated titles, animated logos, graphics, and visual effects can connect the video's message to the customer's brand or amplify the message's transmission.

Animations, visual effects, and motion graphic effects can provide much more than simple eye candy: they can engage viewers on both an intellectual and emotional level.

Why Choose Convex Studio

We are organized! We organize all client files well, and we keep meticulous records of all communication. Our clients' work is done to their specifications, and we seamlessly backup and store data for post-production editing to ensure that it is preserved during the project and for years to come.

Our Pricing is competitive! Already, our video editing prices are among the best in the industry. Our experience, resources, and dedication to our craft make them even more valuable to our clients. Our flexible pricing plans are based on hourly billing, so every project has the most cost-effective solution possible.